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Monthly Mani Favourites!

So here are August’s favourites. I leaned heavily towards pinks and purples last month, but hey, I like it! I was especially fond of the pink-to-purple gradient on upper right corner of the picture, I didn’t even add any embellishments since it was soooo pretty. And ofc, color blocking is so easy, and looks so good. I am already thinking of doing more graphic designs…


In September, I was also thinking of doing the @clairestelle8challenge, which is so popular on Instagram. Mainly because it has OWLS as a first prompt (I tried to do them today, but failed MISERABLY. Stupid water decals creased and crumbled.) and that will be super cute!

Check my Instagram @quietlymad for more info on these previous manis.

nails · water marble

Water Marble Wednesday

So tomorrow’s Wednesday, and that seems to be the day to do.. water marble! I am not following the Instagram challenge, I’m doing my own little color selections – this time with Tony Moly Cotton Candy nail polishes. And they are super lovely, so happy to have gotten them! Now, I am soooo not an expert in water marble technique and it shows, but I’m getting better. Trouble is, it only seems to work for me after half an hour of pitiful attempts… I swear, the dirtier the water is, better it works. If I do it on clean water, it simply doesn’t spread nicely! I have no idea why. Someone said the water might be cold, but it really is room temperature. Argh. Why me?

Follow me on Instagram, if you wish to see more of my more or less successful attempts at this devil of a technique! (I mean, who even thought of that at first? “Here, let’s drop nail polish into a cup of water and dip nails into it”. I mean, it wouldn’t have crossed MY mind.)

I’m on the pastel train and I’m not getting off.

The awkward first post

So yeah, how to start writing your blog? The last time I blogged anything was in the good old days of Geocities, if anyone is old enough to remember that place in all it’s glittery madness (seriously, people would write up these little pieces of html code which you could copy to your page and it would make sparkly animations. There was a lot of it.).

Answering my own question, I don’t know! People just start, I would guess? So that is what I will do. I will start writing, and hope someone is interested. If not, well, I can always say I wrote this for me x).

I thought I’d start this blog off with some nail art, which I’m very fond of doing. I saw these sort of flower nails on some South Korean Instagram account (I really forget which), and fell in love! So cute, and as it turned out, very easy to make. All you need is nail polish, and a somewhat steady hand. I wish I’d had taken some in-between pictures, but as I did not, all I can say is that you just use the brush to make the “petals”: one stroke down the middle, and one on each side. Wait for it to dry and paint the middle, and tadan! you’re done! This is one of my favourite styles. What do you think?

Done with Essence nail polishes.