The awkward first post

So yeah, how to start writing your blog? The last time I blogged anything was in the good old days of Geocities, if anyone is old enough to remember that place in all it’s glittery madness (seriously, people would write up these little pieces of html code which you could copy to your page and it would make sparkly animations. There was a lot of it.).

Answering my own question, I don’t know! People just start, I would guess? So that is what I will do. I will start writing, and hope someone is interested. If not, well, I can always say I wrote this for me x).

I thought I’d start this blog off with some nail art, which I’m very fond of doing. I saw these sort of flower nails on some South Korean Instagram account (I really forget which), and fell in love! So cute, and as it turned out, very easy to make. All you need is nail polish, and a somewhat steady hand. I wish I’d had taken some in-between pictures, but as I did not, all I can say is that you just use the brush to make the “petals”: one stroke down the middle, and one on each side. Wait for it to dry and paint the middle, and tadan! you’re done! This is one of my favourite styles. What do you think?

Done with Essence nail polishes.

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