Close enough

Okay, okay, so I didn’t do stained glass as the @clairestelle8challenge prompted for 20th. That was due to the small fact that I don’t HAVE stained glass stuff. I’ve been meaning to get some sheets of it, but well, it’s not really something that has top priority now. So I did the next best thing: CLOSE ENOUGH.


See? Sparkly stuff! For some time now, I’ve kept an eye out for Asian trends, namely Japanese and Chinese and South-Korean. It is so interesting to see how different the trends are there, how they use a lot more negative space, and how the shapes are different. This heart shape is fairly popular – at least I think so, not understanding Korean.. and glitter is popular. With stained glass, of course, but we went through that already.

Products used: Sirère polish Antifreeze, Rimmel Cheeky Chap, Essence Sandy toes & salty kisses.

Sirène Polish is a South-Korean brand, and Antifreeze was my first from them. It had nice quality, though black hearts were a bit scarce and hard to fish out. But that seems to be their nature. But to make things easier, they sent a packet of glitter separately with it!

Hearts and triangles.

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