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End of the month review

Today I thought I’d combine some recent nails, since I haven’t really done any nail arts-y type of thing, with a combination of last month’s mani favourites.

But first, to convince you to continue reading, I shall entice you with a cat.


Isn’t it cute? (I don’t remember the gender, or name even. Sorry!) We went to the local cat café during break week, and obviously I took some pictures… Some? Well, quite a lot.

Anyways, some recent nails? Here is store exclusive from Hypnotic Polish, Femme Fatale’s Castle in the Sky. Look at that sparkle! SUPER gorgeous. Love it. I needed some new quick dry top coat, so while I was buying HK Girl, I just had to get this one. Three coats and a top coat.


I also had to get Cadillaquer’s Honeybells, which was also a store exclusive. This took four coats in some fingers. I did have a picture of them with a normal top coat, but honestly, I thought mattifying it with Lumene Matt Top Coat took it up a notch. So sweet. I want to mattify everything now.


And finally, a collage of last month’s favourites:



The sunset hearts were such a success. Loved them. And sorry about my uneven nails, I keep bumping into things, and edges break and I don’t want to cut them ALL off, so they look a bit wonky at the moment…

Have a nice November! Winter is coming!


Woodland creatures

Okay so these nails were impossible to photograph. I have no light box, so the reflection makes the images rather hard to make out. It did not really help that Essie’s Penny talk that I used for stamping streaks like mad! In any case, I thought I’d do fall-themed nails with woodland creatures – BM-s163 is such a lovely plate – but these were more of a miss than a hit. I think I’ll do them again with another colour scheme, one of these days. The idea was good.

Essence Dare it nude, Free hugs, Yummiiii! with Essie Penny talk for stamping.

Pinktober continues…

I am so busy, I’ve had naked nails for like… THREE DAYS. Something just always comes up, and I postpone doing them, but… Must. Do. Nails. Today. (Fine, I should be doing a deformance on a Scottish poem today, but shh. I’ll have time for both. Maybe.)

In the meanwhile, I’ll present more of my pink madness! I finally got my greedy paws on Essie’s Go Go Geisha – which was sold out everywhere, and I ended up ordering from – and it’s just as good as I hoped. I think I have mentioned my fondness for clay-toned hues before..

Do excuse my nail beds. Sigh.

And on top of that, I added some stamps from BMXL-216:


I think my efforts at getting a psychedelic feeling paid off – my eyes are watering!


Sunday Smoosh and fails

There’s an hour and a half of Sunday still left, and I’m quite tired. I’m supposed to be having a break from school, but still I am all over the place what with seeing people and trying to get assignments done! I have an essay due in one week, and a deformance of a poem due next Friday. Moan moan moan! Woe is me! So stressed!

That’s why it is important to take breaks often to look at nails. I think this is a sound plan.

But my nails have been such fails lately! That’s stressful too! I mean, look at this:

OPI Embrace the Grey, Essence Shade of Happiness, and a green Kiko that I forgot the number of.

The #smooshynailsunday prompt was grey, orange and olive green, and it was meant to be zombie-like. There is so little of zombies here. I think I should stop painting my nails and do ugly impressionistic art instead.

Because I definitely shouldn’t do any sort of recognizable art:

I am so not going to even adjust the light in the picture. And wow, I didn’t even clean up. Go me.

I was going for @nailsbycambria‘s super cute fox nails, but well… xD. Maybe I need practise on freehand?

Please tell me that you fail sometimes too. Please.


Sunset Gradient

Today being Wednesday, I thought I’d try to do water marble for a change – but you know how it goes: some days just aren’t water marble days. They’re just not. Colors bleed into each other, color combination looks like shit when you get it on your nails, water is too cold, water is too warm, nothing is right and YOU’VE MADE A MESS.

But then I thought: gradient never fails me. And it didn’t.

Essie Maki me happy, Kiko 363, Essence Ice cream party, topped with China Glaze Fairy dust.

And obviously I just cannot leave a good gradation alone: I added stamps from Bundle Monster XL210:


SUPER GORGEOUS. Totally works. Love it. Do you?

Oh! And here’s a bonus picture of fall leaves. Autumn is in full swing here, and it’s getting rather cold.. but pretty.


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Don’t rain on my Pink Parade

Anti-Halloween theme continues! Lately, I’ve been obsessed with pink. Love ’em. Can’t get enough. Especially can’t get enough of this.

F.U.N Lacquer collaboration with Sveta Sanders, Daydream

So GORGEOUS. It’s such a perfect shade of pink, not too dark, not too light, applies easily. I could wear this for days. And I did. But of course I added stamps on top of it, cos who can resist?

Bundle Monster + gotnail BM-XL212

It did end up looking rather… busy, but I loved the feathers anyways.It stamped like a dream, all the little details transferred. I do apologize for the shoddy picture, for some reason I did not save a better version. Still kind of learning the ropes here.

And oh yeah, I dyed my hair purple!


Love it! I love ALL the things today! What do you love today?