Sunday Smoosh and fails

There’s an hour and a half of Sunday still left, and I’m quite tired. I’m supposed to be having a break from school, but still I am all over the place what with seeing people and trying to get assignments done! I have an essay due in one week, and a deformance of a poem due next Friday. Moan moan moan! Woe is me! So stressed!

That’s why it is important to take breaks often to look at nails. I think this is a sound plan.

But my nails have been such fails lately! That’s stressful too! I mean, look at this:

OPI Embrace the Grey, Essence Shade of Happiness, and a green Kiko that I forgot the number of.

The #smooshynailsunday prompt was grey, orange and olive green, and it was meant to be zombie-like. There is so little of zombies here. I think I should stop painting my nails and do ugly impressionistic art instead.

Because I definitely shouldn’t do any sort of recognizable art:

I am so not going to even adjust the light in the picture. And wow, I didn’t even clean up. Go me.

I was going for @nailsbycambria‘s super cute fox nails, but well… xD. Maybe I need practise on freehand?

Please tell me that you fail sometimes too. Please.


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