New Moyou London Alice plates review

I love Alice in Wonderland. I’ve loved since childhood, when my dad used to read it to me, and I’ve read it multiple times since that. I have a book with Tove Jansson’s illustrations, one with Salvador Dali’s illustrations, I have Annotated Alice, and Alice beyond Wonderland.

So you can guess how excited I was, when Moyou London released plates with Tennyson’s original illustrations! I ordered them immediately.

And I tested them immediately:

Moyou London Alice 09
Moyou London Alice 09

They are GORGEOUS. I was a bit skeptical, since the images are very, very detailed, but I was able to pick them up with no trouble! The base is Essence Take a break, a nice creamy off-white, and I stamped with Kiko 275, which turned out to be excellent for stamping. I have been having trouble with my Essence black stamping polish – it dries so fast, I cannot pick up anything with it! Also, it does not work with many of my plates, for reasons unknown. Looks like I’m ditching it in favour of Kiko. Lastly I used Lumene Matt top coat, which is excellent.

I love these. Too bad I had to cut my nails short last week, these will look even better on long nails!

Any other Alice fans?


Red and blue

First it snowed, now it’s raining, and it’s all sorts of boring and depressing. One needs some colour in one’s life:

Picture Polish Rose and Alice

So gorgeous. Clearly birds of a feather, these sparkle and stay – and do not stain! which is often a problem with blues and reds. I am in love. I had my doubts about Alice when it first came out, and with Rose, but these were a great buy. I didn’t even bother with any stamping on top of them.

Do you love them or do you love them?

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Essence I Love Sparkle review

So for today, it’s my first review! Christmas is coming, and Essence has launched, among other holiday-spirit themed things, a sparkly gift set.

Essence I love sparkle-gift set

Honestly, the tag scares me a little. “Leave a little sparkle wherever you go” is sometimes a very literal description when it comes to glittery things.

The box contains two nail polishes, an eye shadow palette, a pair of false lashes, and a lip gloss, all in brown-y, bronz-y tones.


Which is why I bought it – I am so, so pale and cool toned that warm colours suit me. My eyes look greener also! Like this:

Quick look I did right before I rushed to class.

For this look, I used three of the eye shadow shades, and the lip gloss. The shadow palette is good, like Essence often is, all metallic tones in gold and rust and pale and dark tones. Paired with Essence I Love Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base, they lasted all day! Very pleased with them.

Unfortunately, I am not so pleased with rest of the stuff. Lip gloss was rather gold toned, and did not really suit me. It just made my lips look paler. I cannot really imagine a skin tone it would fit, unless used for a specific look. The false lashes were a disappointment too: they were HUGE. I honestly think they were like, twice the length of my own lashes, super thick, and kind of.. clunky. I could not get them to settle, even when I cut part of it off. I looked ridiculous any way I tried.

Lastly, the nail polishes, which were my main interest. I didn’t do any elaborate look, but rather just swatched them:


So. One with satin finnish, and one that is all glitter. Both gave me a bit of a head ache. Satin is a fairly nice colour, metallic brown, and it does look like satin fabric, doesn’t it? The problem with these sort of finishes is always the application, as you can see. This is three coats with top coat. It really did not want to go smoothly, and me trying to fix it made it only worse. And the glitter one? Well, slightly better. It is also three coats here, but I think it would need one more for complete opaqueness. It also did leave a “little sparkle” everywhere. On my pinky finger you can see them both: satin with glitter topping, both one coats, which turned out to be the best combination. It actually looks nice! It’s a shame they don’t really work on their own.

All in all, for a bit less than 10 euros, it’s not too bad, I think? I would pay 10€ for eye shadow palette alone with some other brands. It does look good, though.

What do you think? Would you buy it? Have you bought it?

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Mamamoo nails

I like South Korean pop. I really do. And Mamamoo is one of my favourite groups! They just came out with a new single, Décalcomanie, and there was one thing that really, really caught my eye: Solar’s nails. I thought they looked super sophisticated, cool, and retro. So I tried my hand at doing them:

Essie Sugar Daddy, Rimmel Black

I am not quite sure if the base was a sheer nude or more beig-y, but I opted for three coats of Essie Sugar Daddy, which gave me a nice half-sheer finish. For dots I simply used a black polish from Rimmel, which is not a one-coater usually, but worked for the look I had in mind. I am totally loving this look!

Here’s the music video I took inspiration from. You can see Solar’s nails at 3.37. She is the one in the elevator.



#smooshynailsunday is here again

So colours for this week were teal, yellow, and silver:

Used Essie Aprés Chic, Essence Love is in the air, and Island Hopping also from Essence

I thought they turned out pretty well! I am getting the hang of this smooshy business.

They were so cute, that I wanted something cute on top of it. And what is cuter than Totoro?


For this, I used Hehe o65 plate, with Essence black and white stamping polishes. The black Totoro turned out fairly demonic… (Mattified with Lumene Matte top coat, again.)

That’s my Sunday! How’s yours? Did you do any smooshing? (if you don’t know what that is, it’s an Instagram challenge, where you get a color scheme every Tuesday. Just search for the #smooshynailsunday tag)

Oh, and for once I took a shot with the bottle also, so forgive me for spamming!


Now back to Fallout 4. Long live the Brotherhood!


Gradient geometrics

This was an idea that I had for quite a while, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it. But yesterday I felt like geometrics!


As a base I used Essence Sandy toes and salty kisses, which is a nice semi-matte salt texture white. It was in some summer edition, and I’ve grown quite fond of it! Texture polishes are so quick to dry, and this wasn’t too textured for normal use.

I then stamped with Konad basic colours; orange, red, and purple (latex was used – these are super pigmented and stain like mad if given a chance) with image from BM-XL212. I’m really liking the latest blogger collaboration series!

And I actually had to do these twice. First time around HK Girl – which is not supposed to spread stamps – spread the stamps, and I did it S-U-P-E-R carefully the second time. These stamping polishes spread so easily. But the end result is worth it!