New Moyou London Alice plates review

I love Alice in Wonderland. I’ve loved since childhood, when my dad used to read it to me, and I’ve read it multiple times since that. I have a book with Tove Jansson’s illustrations, one with Salvador Dali’s illustrations, I have Annotated Alice, and Alice beyond Wonderland.

So you can guess how excited I was, when Moyou London released plates with Tennyson’s original illustrations! I ordered them immediately.

And I tested them immediately:

Moyou London Alice 09
Moyou London Alice 09

They are GORGEOUS. I was a bit skeptical, since the images are very, very detailed, but I was able to pick them up with no trouble! The base is Essence Take a break, a nice creamy off-white, and I stamped with Kiko 275, which turned out to be excellent for stamping. I have been having trouble with my Essence black stamping polish – it dries so fast, I cannot pick up anything with it! Also, it does not work with many of my plates, for reasons unknown. Looks like I’m ditching it in favour of Kiko. Lastly I used Lumene Matt top coat, which is excellent.

I love these. Too bad I had to cut my nails short last week, these will look even better on long nails!

Any other Alice fans?


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