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Moo Moo’s Signatures Fire Rooster and Chang-E review

So the Moon festival is long gone and Chinese New Year is still to come, but I could not wait to try these nail polishes from Moo Moo’s Signatures! Who cares about seasonality!

First up is the lovely Fire Rooster. Now, I’m a metal rooster myself, but I could take this as my signature colour.

Moo Moo’s Signatures Fire Rooster

It’s a great red. I love reds and pinks and purples and everything. I think the description said that it has a bit of green flakies in it, but honestly I could not see it. This is red with golden holo.


It’s a gorgeous, wearable red! I will find much use for it. Two easily applied layers.

Next up is Chang-E, which is part of the Legend of the Moon Goddess line:

Moo Moo’s Signatures Chang-E

The name is based on the myth of the Moon Goddess, which I love. I always love names with meaning or story behind it! And the colour is one of my favourites. Here in Finland we call this shade in general “marjapuuro”, literally translated as berry porridge. Here’s the shade:


Pretty close, no?


This is two coats – and ignore the nick in my middle finger, I applied this the day before taking the picture, and obviously I bumped it somewhere. Also, winter season is so dry, that every scratch leaves a mark, as you can see. I didn’t even notice that scratch.

But I really love the color – it reminds me of F.U.N Lacquers Daydream, which I loved too! I’m a sucker for this shade, I admit.

What nail polish name is your favourite? Do you pay attention?


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