Celestial animals

I love Gravity. I was so lucky to snatch it on a good price in a Facebook second hand nail polish market group (gosh that’s a long description. But it’s in Finnish so I had to translate – and it’s only one word in Finnish)! All the polishes are so gorgeous in the collection it belongs to.. Stupid Limited Editions, why are you limited? I was not so into nail art and polishes back in 2014 u.u. Picture Polish should bring them back!

ANYWAYS. Gravity is a “top coat”, meaning you layer it on top of darker polish, in my case Kiko’s black. The pictures show two coats:

Picture Polish Gravity

I just love the color shift, don’t you?


It is like winter sky at night. Darkest time of the year is on us.

And of course I wanted to ruin it with stamping.

 Images from Moyou London Animal 12

I think I went a bit too glittery with Essie’s Apres-chic, IF that is possible. The theme in my head was “celestial animals”. Moyou London just released these animal plate series, I instantly grapped this one: I’m a sucker for Slavic influence. They remind me of the Russian fairytales I read as a child..


I need a plainer silver stamping polish, though. That glitter gets everywhere!


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