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Rainbow Starburst Watermarble

I feel like the title of this post should be like, the name of my super secret awesome power in my signature anime, that I whip out when bad guys are having the upper hand, and it totally turns the tables! With a semi-pornographic morphing scene, of course.

It’s a mouthful.

Here it is anyways:

Used a bunch of Kiko nail polishes, what on earth were they?

Okay, so I need practise xd. Admittedly though, this is my first time doing starburst pattern, so I’m not perfect with it yet. Who of us is?

The colours are a bit.. psychedelic! I used primary colors, or as close to them as I could get: yellow, orange, red, dark blue and green. But in all, this was easier than I thought, even as my starburst is not perfect. I am trying not to be perfect. It’s a thing.


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