Golden snowflakes

Okay, so today I will present to you my LEAST favourite nail polish of the moment. Cadillacquer’s Julia:

Cadillacquer Julia

Looks pretty, no? Well looks can be DECEIVING. Julia is a quite sheer cream off-white, with golden shimmer and small flakes. The trouble with Julia is that it requires four layers to be almost completely opaque. FOUR x.x. That’s a pain in the ass. And because there are so many layers, the shimmer and the flakes also pile up. If you google swatches of Julia, you’ll see quite ethereal and angelic whites, but I honestly suspect that those swatchers have sponged a layer of Julia on top of a white polish.. Cos my efforts have never looked like that. It’s either that or photomanipulation. Or both.

I want to like this, I do, but I can’t. The idea is cute, and the excution not so cute.

I topped it off with the previously-mentioned new Bundle Monster snowflake plate, with Essie’s Good as gold (now there’s a trustworthy polish. For stamping. Metallics are awful for full nail application).


It’s a cute plate, and a very busy-looking one, too. It’s a nice design though! And time-appropriate as well, since we now finally have snow. And cold. Today was 20 degrees below, and I had to do grocery shopping. It was not nice!


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