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#smooshynailsunday – blue, orange, violet

So this week’s colors were blue, orange, and violet, and I used all Picture Polish line: Alice, Autumn, and Nemesis:

Picture Polish Alice, Autumn, Nemesis

It turned out a bit messy – maybe due to the amount of scatter holo in Autumn and Alice, but I wanted something sparkly! It’s okay, but not my favourite. Adding anything to this proved impossible, so no add-on this week. Nothing seemed to fit!

It’s probably due to my uninspired-ness lately; I’ve had a headache for past three days, and really not feeling up to anything complicated. Also, there’s a few exam resits next week, and it’s totally stressing me out! Let me tell you, grammar and history of English are not too easy!

But hey! Good news is that I figured out a topic for my bachelor’s thesis! Now I’ll just have to start writing my research proposal…


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