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Recap for February

So we’re in March as of tomorrow, and that means it’s time for last month’s recap! First of all, I managed to do ALL the challenge nails (yay!)…

Maaliskuuhun siirryttäessä on aika koota hiukan helmikuuta. Onnistuin tekemään kaikki haastiskynnet (jee!)..


On top of those, I did not really have time to lot of my own nail art – sometimes I think people that do, re-paint their nails every day (which they probably do, and some many times over), but I just don’t have time to do that. Nor ideas! This pace was pretty good for me, and I had time to do smooshies for sundays too.

Haastiskynsien ohella aikaa ei jäänyt oikein tehdä omia ideoita. Luulen että ne jotka pystyvät tekemään kaikkea ohella, laittavat kyntensä vähintään kerran päivässä – minulla ei ole vain aikaa sellaiseen. Eikä ideoita! Mutta tämä tahti oli aika sopiva, sillä ehdin tehdä öö, mitä se nyt onkaan suomeksi, smoossauksia sunnuntaisin.

I was particularly happy that I did so many new things last month: it was the first time I did reverse stamping (succesfully) and drip marble.

Erityisesti olin tyytyväinen siihen että sain tehtyä useampia uusia tekniikoita: ensimmäistä kertaa sain reverse stampingin onnistumaan, ja tein drip marblen.

I did have some favourites:

Lemppareita löytyi taas:

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These pink nails proved to be a favourite. I loved them, and so did people on Instagram. I think they got the most likes ever!

Pinkit kynnet saivat suurta suosiota. Ei vain minulta, vaan Instagramissakin saivat kaiketi eniten tykkäyksiä mitä olen ikinä saanut!

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Galaxy nails were my second favourite. It was the first time I tried this style, and it turned out pretty good, if I say so myself.

Tein myös ensimmäistä kertaa galaksikynnet – vaikka itse sanonkin, lopputulos oli aika hieno.

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And final favourite is the most recent mani. These fat winged ponies are so cute!

What was your favourite?

Erityisesti pidin viimeisimmästä lakkauksesta. Nämä siivekkäät läskipallerot ovat vain niin söpöjä!

Mitä piditte?

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Black and White Unicorns

And finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for: it’s the last clairestelle8 challenge prompt, and it is doodles. I went with unicorns – they are usually done in bright pastels, so doing them in black and white seemed refreshing.

…though these are hardly unicorns. They are fat little horn ponies! Adorable! I used Essence white as a base, stamped with Moyou London Black Knight, and the images are from BM-XL214.

Ja viimein, päivä jota kaikki odottavat: clairestelle8 haasteen viimeinen prompti, ja sehän oli doodles, eli töherrystä? piirustelua? Hiukan hankala suomeksi kääntää. Jokatapauksessa päätin laittaa yksisarvisia – ne kun tehdään yleensä pastellinkirjavina, niin ajatuksena oli että mustavalkoinen toisi hiukan vaihtelua tähän.

…tosin nämä eivät ole yksisarvisia nähneetkään. Ihan paksuja pieniä sarviponeja! Kovin söpöä! Tekemiseen käytin Essencen valkoista, Moyou Londonin Black Knight -leimauslakkaa, ja kuviohan on BM-XL214-laatasta.

Essence White, Moyou London Black Knight, BM-XL214

Here’s a closer look at the thumb, which still has space to display more of the image, even when short.

Tässä vielä peukalossa tarkempi katsaus kuvioon. Tähän kynteen sentään mahtuu vielä, vaikka lyhyt sekin on.


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Have a Sparkly Saturday!

Today’s clairestelle8 challenge prompt was Sparkly! While short nails are kinda ANNOYING me, I did my best! Also, I rarely do sparkles, because, you know, glitter gets everywhere. As happened with this one.

Tämän päivän clairestelle8 haastetehtävä oli Sparkly! Vaikka lyhkäiset kynnet ärsyttävätkin tällä hetkellä, tein parhaani. Glitterikynsiä tulee tehtyä harvoin, koska duh, glitter menee kaikkialle. Niin kävi tämänkin kanssa.

As a base I used Illyrian Polish Secrets, which was almost like spreading blueberry jelly on my nails! It’s slightly see-through with two coats, but that’s just adding to blueberry stain like effect. I added some H&M red glitter on top – it has no name, sorry.

Pohjana käytin Illyrian Polishin Secretsiä, jonka levittäminen tuntui mustikkahillon laittamiselta kynsille! Kahdenkin kerroksen jälkeen se on vielä aika läpinäkyvä, mutta se vain tuo enemmän sitä mustikkamaista efektiä. Lisäsin vielä henkkamaukan nimetöntä glitteriä liukuna päälle.

Illyrian Polish Secrets, H&M nameless glitter

So yeah, I thought I’d try out keeping a blog in two languages. Just so you know ;).

Ajattelin sitten kirjoittaa blogia kahdella kielellä, noin tiedoksi ;).

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Reverse Stamped Robot Nailart

Today’s clairestelle8 challenge prompt was”Toys”. I was originally bit lost – I don’t have any toys! Can adults have toys? but then I found this robot stamping plate from my stash, and voila.

Also, it was very problematic that I had just had a nail crisis: I managed to break off one nail in a major way in the shower, so I had to cut them ALL off to retain some sense of symmetry! …but then, most of the stamping images are now too big for my nails! This was one plate that had tiny images that fit. I decided to practise some reverse stamping:

Illyrian Polish The Moon, Moyou London: White and Black Knight, Sci-fi Collection 02

The base is Illyrian Polish The Moon. I originally thought it was kind of a dull grey, the color in the bottle was a tad unappealing, but hello! Holographic goodness was revealed! It is fairly subtle, but very pretty!

I’m quite pleased with the reverse stamping. I haven’t done it a lot yet, so it was going to be a hit or miss, but it worked. After some tries, of course..

Here’s a picture of my nubs, without anything, btw. I don’t even remember when was the last time my nails were this short! It looks so WEIRD. And feels weird. Grow fast, please!

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Picture Polish Instagram Competition Entry: Gradient

On Instagram, the Australian brand Picture Polish hosted a gradient competition. I was immediatly interested, since hey, I love gradients! The rules stated that you could use 2-5  PP polishes and no embellishments. Yesterday was the big participation day, but I figured that I’d post pictures here today, so as not to spam twice a day. (Never mind the fact that this is now third post in as many days, which is a bit unusual for me)

So, the gradient! I went for romantic theme.

Picture Polish Bardot, Paris, Nemesis

It’s not really a fancy gradient, or innovative, or exotic… but tell you the truth, these are my third nails! I had big plans twice before this, but they were total nail fails in the end! So this is what I ended up with.

The rules wanted also a picture with the polishes in.

Picture Polish Bardot, Paris, Nemesis

And finally the flowers that made it in the picture – I got them for Valentine’s <3. So vibrant!


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Smooshy Nail Sunday – Pink, Purple, and Aqua

The title says it all. Actually it was neon pink and neon purple, but hey, I don’t own… neons. Bit too bright for me! I made do with OPI line: Apartment for Two, Suzi and the Seven Dusseldorfsm and Gelato on My Mind.

OPI Apartment for Two, Suzi and the Seven Dusseldorfs, Gelato on My Mind

The result was kind of.. mystic! I like it!

And here’s what I stamped on top of it. I used Moyou London Suki 16, with OPI Keeping Suzi at Bay. The polish is not really meant for stamping, as you can see from faintness of the lines, but I think it went well in any case.


You know, it feels weird to say here are my nails of the day when these were really done on.. Friday and Saturday! And um, this is a scheduled post too. Sometimes I think it’s odd to “speak” in present here when these are done days ahead. Do you ever get that feeling?

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PINK! Nails

Again it is clairestelle8 challenge time, and today’s prompt was PINK! (caps lock not mine!) I had just bought OPI Apartment for two from Valentine’s Day sale (lots of full sized OPI shades for 4-6€! I ended up buying six altogether), which turned out to be VERY pink in real life, so it seemed fitting.

The picture shows three coats, but I would’ve managed with two if I hadn’t done all sorts of stuff around the house before taking a picture. It is very pigmented.


I stamped on top of it with Moyou London’s Candy Floss, and the image is from their plate Flower Power 03.

OPI Apartment for two, Moyou London Candy Floss, Flower Power 03

I am So in love with these. At first I thought Apartment for two would be a garish pink, as they easily are, but it is actually the perfect shade. My new favourite!