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Galaxy Nails + Illyrian Polish The Stars Review

I ended up trying out The Stars first from my Illyrian Polish loot. With a name like that, it obviously made a great base for galaxy nails! These are my first galaxy nails – why haven’t I done them before? I’ve loved so many galaxy manis on Instagram it’s insane.

Anyways, they turned out great for a first try!

Galaxy Nails

Btw, I suck at free hand art. The “stars” are a bit wonky. I suppose it’s due to lack of practise.

I used so many polishes for this, haha!

  • Illyrian Polish The Stars
  • F.U.N Lacquer Illusion
  • F.U.N Lacquer Unicorn Island
  • a england Let Me In
  • a england Cathy
  • Picture Polish Cosmos
  • Picure Polish Lakodom
  • Moyou London White Knight

I didn’t use all of them on all nails; it’s more of a mix and match. One learns as one goes on! For tools I used simply few little cut up pieces of a make up sponge, and a dotting tool.

If you’re looking for easy nail art to do, I definitely recommend this – just pat some color on and then some different color on top of it (keep going until it looks pretty to you), add a few dots, and you’re done! Now I wish I’d taken some pictures of the process to show you, but no such luck. I was too engrossed xd.

Here’s a picture of the base: the background seems a bit yellow in it, but I had to tweak it a but to bring out the real hue. The Stars is so blue, it’s nearly… green? The holoflakes shine so prettily in the light!

Illyrian Polish The Stars

How do you like it?


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