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Heart of Stone: Valentine’s Day Nails

I’m not really a Valentine’s Day person. It is probably due to the fact that we don’t really celebrate romantic love in Finland on V-Day; here we celebrate love between friends. Well, to an extent at least. Children might craft cards for their class mates in elementary schools, and people might gift each other with some small tokens like candy or cards, but it’s not a big deal. And of course, romantics and couples might do something on Valentine’s. But compared to say, the super-duper-romantic date night that’s in ALL American movies, we really don’t do much!

So yeah. My Valentine’s Day is going to uneventful, and that’s the way I like it!

Nails, obviously, are a different matter. I like pink and red and hearts all year round, but in the month of February, it’s everywhere! Cute stuff! Glitter! Pink! Did I mention pink?

Which brings me to my Valentine’s Day nails. As you might have noticed, this month I’m doing the clairestell8 challenge, and the prompt for today was a choice between Valentine’s and anti-Valentine’s nails. Hmm, I thought to myself,  is there any way I could do BOTH? And there was. Lo and behold.

I call this Heart of Stone. Drip marble is an excellent technique for stone look, and this definitely looks like it! And somehow, it does remind me of muscles too, don’t you think? A literal heart AND a stone heart! I am very pleased at how this turned out!


I hadn’t tried my hand at drip marble before, so this was a good time for it! (boy, I’ve been doing new stuff lately) The idea in drip marble is to drop globs of nail polish on a nail art mat, or piece of plastic bag (the sort you use for freezing things works fine) on top of each other, and then just rotate the mat/plastic to spread the polish in every which way. After that, let it dry, peel it off the mat, and cut to size. A layer of base coat on you nails, stick the design on top of it, add a top coat, and presto, you’re done. Well, exept for the clean up. I recommend cutting all the extra flap away as much as you can, it makes it easier – as I found out the hard way. Other than that, this was surprisingly easy! And the result is always different, which makes it so cool.

I used a bunch of polishes for this:

  • F.U.N Lacquer Daydream
  • F.U.N Lacquer Just Dance
  • Kiko 243
  • Kiko 826
  • Kiko 288

So that’s my Valentine’s. How’s your day?


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