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PINK! Nails

Again it is clairestelle8 challenge time, and today’s prompt was PINK! (caps lock not mine!) I had just bought OPI Apartment for two from Valentine’s Day sale (lots of full sized OPI shades for 4-6€! I ended up buying six altogether), which turned out to be VERY pink in real life, so it seemed fitting.

The picture shows three coats, but I would’ve managed with two if I hadn’t done all sorts of stuff around the house before taking a picture. It is very pigmented.


I stamped on top of it with Moyou London’s Candy Floss, and the image is from their plate Flower Power 03.

OPI Apartment for two, Moyou London Candy Floss, Flower Power 03

I am So in love with these. At first I thought Apartment for two would be a garish pink, as they easily are, but it is actually the perfect shade. My new favourite!


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