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Picture Polish Instagram Competition Entry: Gradient

On Instagram, the Australian brand Picture Polish hosted a gradient competition. I was immediatly interested, since hey, I love gradients! The rules stated that you could use 2-5  PP polishes and no embellishments. Yesterday was the big participation day, but I figured that I’d post pictures here today, so as not to spam twice a day. (Never mind the fact that this is now third post in as many days, which is a bit unusual for me)

So, the gradient! I went for romantic theme.

Picture Polish Bardot, Paris, Nemesis

It’s not really a fancy gradient, or innovative, or exotic… but tell you the truth, these are my third nails! I had big plans twice before this, but they were total nail fails in the end! So this is what I ended up with.

The rules wanted also a picture with the polishes in.

Picture Polish Bardot, Paris, Nemesis

And finally the flowers that made it in the picture – I got them for Valentine’s <3. So vibrant!



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