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Reverse Stamped Robot Nailart

Today’s clairestelle8 challenge prompt was”Toys”. I was originally bit lost – I don’t have any toys! Can adults have toys? but then I found this robot stamping plate from my stash, and voila.

Also, it was very problematic that I had just had a nail crisis: I managed to break off one nail in a major way in the shower, so I had to cut them ALL off to retain some sense of symmetry! …but then, most of the stamping images are now too big for my nails! This was one plate that had tiny images that fit. I decided to practise some reverse stamping:

Illyrian Polish The Moon, Moyou London: White and Black Knight, Sci-fi Collection 02

The base is Illyrian Polish The Moon. I originally thought it was kind of a dull grey, the color in the bottle was a tad unappealing, but hello! Holographic goodness was revealed! It is fairly subtle, but very pretty!

I’m quite pleased with the reverse stamping. I haven’t done it a lot yet, so it was going to be a hit or miss, but it worked. After some tries, of course..

Here’s a picture of my nubs, without anything, btw. I don’t even remember when was the last time my nails were this short! It looks so WEIRD. And feels weird. Grow fast, please!

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