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Pirate Nails

Last nails of the month are ones I did some time ago (you can tell because there is no cut on my index finger). I had bought Picture Polish Fool’s Gold second hand through Facebook, and of course the Uberchic Mermaid Life -plate had also just arrived, so I got inspired. Pirates are fools for gold, aren’t they? 😉

Kuukauden viimeiset kynnet tein jo jokin aika sitten (nĂ€issĂ€ kuvissa ei vielĂ€ nĂ€y etusormen viiltohaavaa). Olin ostanut Picture Polishin Fool’s Goldin kĂ€ytettynĂ€ Facebook-kirppikseltĂ€, ja sopivasti Uberchicin Mermaid Life -leimalaatta oli myös juuri saapunut, niin inspiraation lĂ€hdettĂ€ ei tarvinnut kaukaa etsiĂ€. Merirosvot ovat hulluina kultaan ;).

Picture Polish Fool’s Gold

For stamping I used Moyou London’s It’s a Date! stamping polish, which is a deep golden brown. It fit well with the turquoise.

Leimaukseen kĂ€ytin Moyou Londonin It’s a Date! -leimalakkaa, joka on tumma kullanruskea. Se sopi turkoosiin hyvin.


The design was simple, but I was very fond of these – too often I try to do things that are supercomplicated and overplanned, and forget that simple nail designs are nothing to sniff at.

On Sunday, I think I’ll participate in Smooshy Nail Sunday again, so look forward to it! It will be very blue! Have a nice weekend! (Edit. I am so not good with changes. Smooshynailsunday is now biweekly, so it’s next Sunday, not this one!)

TĂ€mĂ€ oli hyvin simppeli kokonaisuus, mutta pidin nĂ€istĂ€ kovasti – liian usein yritĂ€n tehdĂ€ supermonimutkaisia ja yliajateltuja kynsiĂ€, ja unohdan ettĂ€ yksinkertaisetkin kynnet voivat olla mahtavia.

Sunnuntaina taitaa taas koittaa smoossisunnuntai (argh, miten sen oikein suomentaa? Kertokaa!) johon aion ottaa osaa, joten pysykÀÀ kanavalla – sinisiĂ€ kynsiĂ€ luvassa! HyvÀÀ viikonloppua kaikille! (Edit. Unohdin tĂ€ysin ettĂ€ smooshynailsunday on nyt kahden viikon vĂ€lein, eli siniset kynnet luvassa ensi viikon sunnuntaina, ei nyt!)

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Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Nail Oil Review

If you get into nail art and all that entails in blogs or Instagram or anywhere really, pretty soon you’ll see a mention of Bliss Kiss nail oil. I’m active on Instagram, and it’s quite frequently that I see the name. At first I thought bloggers got them as gifts from the company, or were paid to give good reviews (both happen) and I ignored them. But of course I got curious – so many people loved it. There had to be something behind it, right? So I ordered their Starter Kit ($20.79), and started their recommended 3-Day Initial Hydration Treatment. I went without nail polish for three days, oiling my cuticles all the time, as the instructions said my nails would suck in all the oil, which they did, and that reapplication would be needed. And voila, here are the results:

Jos vĂ€hĂ€nkÀÀn seuraa kynsitaidemaailmaa blogeissa tai Instagramissa tai missĂ€ tahansa pĂ€in nettiĂ€, törmÀÀ aika Ă€kkiĂ€ Bliss Kiss -kynsiöljyyn. Itse olen aktiivinen Instassa, ja siellĂ€ nimi nĂ€kyy erittĂ€in usein. Aluksi ajattelin ettĂ€ bloggaajat vain saavat niitĂ€ ilmaislahjoina, tai ettĂ€ hyvistĂ€ arvioista saa rahaa (kumpaakin tapahtuu) ja jĂ€tin ne aikalailla huomiotta. Mutta tietenkin kĂ€vin lopulta uteliaaksi – niin moni rakasti niitĂ€. Pakkohan niissĂ€ on jotain olla? Joten tilasin Starter Kitin ($20.79), ja aloitin ohjeiden suositteleman 3-Day Initial Hydration Treatmentin. TĂ€mĂ€ tarkoitti sitĂ€ ettĂ€ olin kolme pĂ€ivÀÀ ilman kynsilakkaa, ja öljysin kynsinauhojani ihan koko ajan. Kynnet imivĂ€t itseensĂ€ kaiken mitĂ€ niihin laitoin, niin kuin ohjeissa kerrottiinkin. Ja tĂ€ssĂ€ ovat tulokset:

Bliss Kiss 3-Day Initial Hydration Treatment, days 1-4
Bliss Kiss 3-Day Initial Hydration Treatment, days 1-4

As you can see, at the beginning I had just cut my nails short, due to ongoing series of nasty breaks. My nails were dry, my cuticles pitiful – they always were. Nothing I hated more with my nails than quickly appearing cuticles. It always looked untidy. No better time to start the test.

By day 3 there was a huge change! My cuticles had actually shrank. My nails looked and felt better. I had hope. (Not being dramatic here at all)

Kuten nĂ€kyy, olin juuri leikannut kynteni lyhyiksi jatkuvien lohkeamisten takia. Kynteni olivat kuivat, kynsinauhani sÀÀlittĂ€vĂ€t – niinkuin aina. MitÀÀn en inhonnut niin kovasti kuin heti ilmestyviĂ€ kynsinauhoja, jotka nĂ€yttivĂ€t aina epĂ€siisteiltĂ€. Parempaa aloitusajankohtaa ei testille ollut.

Kolmantena pÀivÀnÀ oli muutos jo valtava! Kynsinauhani olivat vetÀytyneet. Kynteni nÀyttivÀt ja tuntuivat paremmilta. Tunnelin pÀÀssÀ oli valoa. (en ole ollenkaan dramaattinen)

Bliss Kiss 3-Day Initial Hydration Treatment, days 1-4
The pen itself

Satisfied with initial results (surely this could not go on?) I started to use it regularly. The oil continued to be absorbed nicely, although not as quickly as in the beginning. It does not leave oily surface on the cuticles, that will not absorb no matter how long you wait (like many other cuticle oils that I might mention, I’m not bitter at all, waste of money), but it is very pleasant and easy to rub in.

TyytyvÀisenÀ tuloksiin jatkoin kÀyttöÀ. EihÀn tÀmÀ hyvyys voi jatkua? Edelleen öljy imeytyi nÀtisti kynsiin, mutta ei ihan samaa tahtia kuin alussa. Sormiin ei jÀÀ inhottavan öljyistÀ pintaa joka ei imeydy pois millÀÀn ja joka on pakko pestÀ pois (niinkuin monessa muussa kynsiöljyssÀ joita voisin mainita ja joista en ole ollenkaan katkera vaikka olivatkin rahanhukkaa), vaan on kovin miellyttÀvÀ ja helppo hieroa kynsiin.

Bliss Kiss Nail Oil
More recent look at my nails

This picture is after a month of use, and I am still very happy with the product. It is fantastic for my cuticles, and I swear my nails are now stronger. Before, anytime I bumped my nails into something, I had to check for breaks and chips – now, my nails can actually take a hit (not a big one, obviously). I have had some chips, of course, but almost exclusively on my right hand, which is understandable as I am right-handed and that side takes more hits and gets more use. And I suspect that with time, as the old chipped and worn tips grow out, that might change too.

A word about scent: I bought the most common scent “crisp”, and it is quite heavy and sweet. Now as it is still very early spring here, I can tolerate the smell as I’m usually (and especially in the summer time) quite allergic to many, many scents, but when the pollen starts to spread, I will have to switch to unscented version.

Because I am totally going to keep on buying this. 10/10!

YllÀoleva kuva on otettu kuukauden kÀytön jÀlkeen, ja olen edelleen erittÀin tyytyvÀinen tuotteeseen. Kynsinauhoille se tekee ihmeitÀ, ja voin vaikka vannoa ettÀ kynteni ovat nyt vahvemmat. Ennen tÀtÀ aina kun kÀteni osui johonkin kynnet edellÀ, jouduin heti tarkistamaan niiden tilan halkeamien ja lohkeilun varalta, mutta nyt ne kestÀvÀt (pientÀ) osumaa. Jotain lohkeilua on tietysti ollut, mutta lÀhinnÀ oikeassa kÀdessÀni. Olen oikeakÀtinen, joten se puoli luonnollisestikin ottaa enemmÀn osumaa ja sitÀ kÀytetÀÀn enemmÀn. Luulen kuitenkin ettÀ kun vanhat ja heikot kynnen pituudet kasvavat pois, sekin ongelma vÀhenee.

Ja vielÀ tuoksusta: oma versioni oli tuoksu nimeltÀ crispy, mutta se on enemmÀn kyllÀkin makeahko ja ehkÀ raskaskin. Se menee nyt vielÀ alkukevÀÀstÀ, mutta koska olen kovin monelle hajusteelle allerginen (etenkin kesÀn siitepölyaikaan), luulen ettÀ seuravaalla kerralla mukaan tulee hajusteeton versio.

Koska aion todellakin ostaa tÀtÀ uudelleen. 10/10!


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Midsummer Night’s Dream – On Nails

So the final prompt for March in the nail challenge was Magic, and as I am studying literature, what is more magical than books? And what book is more magical than Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream? It’s a personal favourite of mine out of his works.

Kuukauden viimeisenÀ kynsihaasteena oli taikuus, ja no, kirjallisuuden opiskelija tÀÀllÀ hei, mikÀ olisikaan taianomaisempaa kuin kirjojen maailma? Kaikkein taianomaisin kirjoista sitten on tietenkin Shakespearen KesÀyön unelma, joka on suosikkini hÀnen teoksistaan.

Midsummer Night’s Dream

For this design, I used A England’s Kathy and Let Me In (though Wuthering Heights was never a favorite), and black is done with Painted Polish Stamped in Charcoal – not a true black, but easily passes for one. The plate is Moyou London Literature 03.

Lakkoina kĂ€ytin tĂ€ssĂ€ A Englandin Kathya ja Let Me In:iĂ€ (vaikka Humiseva Harju ei ikinĂ€ ole suosikkeihin kuulunutkaan), ja musta on Painted Polishin Stamped in Charcoal – joka ei ole tĂ€ysin musta, vaikka sellaisesta kĂ€ykin. Laatta on Moyou Londonin Literature 03.


That’s it for today! Thanks for reading!

SiinÀpÀ se! Kiitos kun tulit katsomaan!

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Picture Polish Instagram Challenge: Inspired by the Name

I decided to enter Picture Polish Instagram challenge last week, and the theme to do was: Inspired by the name of a PP shade, tell the story of the polish on your nails. Obviously I was like huh? at first. Tell the story? What does that mean? They usually leave things a bit ambiguos, to leave room for interpretation (I think), which can be a bit of a pain in the arse. Like with this; was I supposed to do it like the design on the nails would do the talking, or actually tell a story in words? In the end, I decided I would do a bit of both.

Instagramissa on taas meneillÀÀn Picture Polishin haaste, jonka teemana oli tÀllÀ kertaa inspiroitua kynsilakan nimestÀ ja kertoa sen tarina kynsillÀsi. Aluksi olin jokseenkin hÀh mitÀ toi edes tarkoittaa? kerro tarina? Picture Polish tuntuu jÀttÀvÀn ohjeet aika usein tulkinnanvaraisiksi tarkoituksella (ainakin luulen niin). Niin tÀllÀkin kertaa; pitikö kynsitaiteen ilmaista se tarina jotenkin vai pitikö siihen kirjoittaa tarina oheen? Aikani tÀtÀ pohdittuani pÀÀdyin yhdistÀmÀÀn ne.

Matte galaxy nails
Matte Galaxy Nails

As I perused my Picture Polish nail polish stock (it’s not that large), a kind of movie theme struck me; I thought of old films, and of Lawrence of Arabia in particular, and of other dramatic and even more romantic films. So, these nails are my interpretation of sky in movies situated in Arabian Peninsula on a night when you can see the whole galaxy, filled with thousands of stars that shine their white lights on you. Your nemesis is right behind you, but as the hero of the story you are brave enough to stop, and wonder at the magnificence of cosmos, preferably with an attractive companion, as in all romantic movies!

(Ignore the wound on my index finger – I had a fateful encounter with my two old nemesis, Dull Bread Knife and Crusty Bread. I swear, one day that spot will have a permanent scar!)

KĂ€ydessĂ€ni lĂ€pi Picture Polishin kynsilakkojen kokoelmaani (joka ei ole suurensuuri), mielessĂ€ni kehkeytyi elokuvateema; muistelin vanhoja draamaelokuvia, etenkin Arabian Lawrencea, ja muita ehkĂ€ romanttisempia elokuvia. Joten, nĂ€mĂ€ kynnet ovat minun tulkintani elokuvien taivaasta Arabian niemimaalla, öinĂ€ jolloin voi nĂ€hdĂ€ koko galaksin heijastuvan ylĂ€puolellensa, tuhansien tĂ€htien hehkuessa valkoista valoaan. Vihollisesi on aivan takanasi, mutta tarinan sankarina pysĂ€hdyt rohkeasti ihailemaan kosmoksen mahtavuutta – mieluiten viehĂ€ttĂ€vĂ€n kumppanin kanssa, niin kuin romanttisiin elokuviin kuuluu!

(JĂ€ttĂ€kÀÀ etusormen haava omaan arvoonsa – kĂ€vin kohtalokkaan kamppailun kahden vanhan viholliseni, TylsĂ€n LeipĂ€veitsen ja Kovakuorisen LeivĂ€n, kanssa. Joku kaunis pĂ€ivĂ€ tuohon kohtaan tulee jÀÀmÀÀn ikuinen arpi!)

Galaxy nails2
With polishes used: Gravity, Nemesis, Bright White, Cosmos, and Arabian. Top coat is Ella+Mila Matte-ly in Love.

I am very pleased on how these turned out! Do you like them?

PidÀn nÀistÀ kovasti, ja toivottavasti pidÀt sinÀkin!

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Tonymoly Fruity Capsule Tok Tok Kiwi Sleeping Mask review

I am unabashedly in love with cute things. And cool looks. South Korean brand Tonymoly generally hits both of these sweet spots with their packaging, and so I buy their products from time to time. This time I bought Tonymoly Fruity Capsule Tok Tok Kiwi Sleeping Mask, which would not suffer from a shorter name! Predictably, there’s a halved kiwi on the lid:

Rakkauteni söpöjÀ ja cooleja asioita kohtaan on rajaton. EtelÀ-Korealainen merkki Tonymoly yleensÀ onnistuu tekemÀÀn tuotteita, jotka ovat söpöjÀ ja cooleja samaan aikaan, ja tÀmÀ tarkoittaa ettÀ aina silloin tÀllöin innostun ostamaan niitÀ. TÀllÀ kertaa ostin Tonymoly Fruity Capsule Tok Tok Kiwi Sleeping Maskin, jonka nimi voisi olla lyhyempikin. Ei mitenkÀÀn yllÀttÀen, kiwin puolikas on kannessa:

tonymoly fruity capsule tok tok kiwi sleeping mask
Kiwi, yum yum!

Sleeping masks are – if you haven’t come across them before – are creams that you put on when you go to sleep, and wash away in the morning with water. They don’t replace your usual night time creams and such, but are applied on top of them. Toner, essence, cream, so on, and finally, the sleeping mask. The result is supposed to be a fresh-looking skin, fully hydrated.

Jos et ole aiemmin törmÀnnyt sleeping maskeihin (unimaskeihin?), ne ovat naamioita, jotka laitetaan ennen nukkumaanmenoa, ja pestÀÀn aamulla pois lÀmpimÀllÀ vedellÀ. Ne eivÀt siis korvaa normaalia iltaista rasvausta, koska naamio levitetÀÀn sen pÀÀlle. Eli ensin toneri, essence, kasvorasva, jne. ja lopuksi pÀÀlle naamiota ohut kerros. Tuloksena pitÀisi aamulla olla kirkas ja kosteutettu iho.

tonymoly fruity capsule tok tok kiwi sleeping mask
What on earth is tok tok?

The packaging is on this particular mask is modern and simple, as are the fonts. I dig this.

Pakkaus on tÀssÀ nimenomaisessa naamiossa modernin simppeli, samoin fontit. Diggaan.

tonymoly fruity capsule tok tok kiwi sleeping mask
“The fresh fruit juice capsule sleeping pack is made of capsules containing refreshing energy from various fruits”

On the inside you find plastic lid with attached spatula. Tonymoly generally has their own spatula added to all packs and masks and such, which is a very hygienic plus. Dipping your fingers straight into the product just spreads bacteria.

SisÀltÀ löytyy muovinen kansi, johon on kiinnitetty spaatteli. Tonymolyn tuotteissa tulee yleensÀ mukana oma spaatteli, joka on minusta hyvÀ ja hygieeninen plussa. Sormilla suoraan purkista ottaminen levittÀÀ bakteereita.

tonymoly fruity capsule tok tok kiwi sleeping mask
It comes with its own spatula

The product itself is pale green goo with tiny green gel capsules (at least I think they might be the capsules mentioned in the name), which melt away when you apply it. The scent is not unpleasant – it smells like milk and kiwi, a sweet concotion. It fades away after application.

For application, you need very little of the product – the amount on my finger in the picture is almost enough for the whole face! That means the 80ml will last for quite a while.

Naamio itsessÀÀn on vaalean vihreÀÀ mönjÀÀ, jossa on pieniĂ€ vihreitĂ€ geelikapseleita seassa (ainakin luulen ettĂ€ ne ovat pakkauksessa mainittuja kapseleita), jotka sulavat kasvoille. Tuoksu ei ole paha – se on makea sekoitus maitoa ja kiwiĂ€, joka katoaa kun naamio on levitetty kasvoille.

Levitykseen ei tarvita paljoa – allaolevassa kuvassa sormeenpÀÀllĂ€ni oleva nokare riittÀÀ lĂ€hestulkoon koko kasvoille! Pakkauksen 80ml riittÀÀ siis pitkĂ€ksi aikaa.

tonymoly fruity capsule tok tok kiwi sleeping mask
I think these little nodules are the capsules?

I’ve used this mask for few weeks now (meaning 4 or 5 times, since sleeping masks are used few times a week), and it is time for verdict:

Overall I liked this mask! It is easy to apply and easy to sleep in – general worry when using these is that your face will be sticky and it will spread to your pillow at night, but this melted into my skin nicely, and left only a tiny bit sticky feeling on my face. My pillow wasn’t worse for wear in the morning.

The result in the morning was pretty good too; after washing my face, my skin was matte, which is always a plus – I don’t like my face to be too creamy before makeup. Hydration-wise, my skin (which is a bit dry on the surface) had a nice feeling. The mask could have been a slight bit more moisturizing, but it definitely didn’t dry me out. Kiwi mask was meant for tired skin that needs elasticity, and I think it delivered pretty well! There are Tomato (brightening) and Orange (vitality) masks available also, if this doesn’t seem like your cup of tea.

Nyt kun olen kÀyttÀnyt tÀtÀ muutaman viikon (tarkoittaa 4 tai 5 kÀyttökertaa, sillÀ unimaskeja kÀytetÀÀn kerta-pari viikossa), on tuomion aika:

Yleisarvosana on hyvÀ! Naamio on helppo levittÀÀ ja siinÀ on helppo nukkua. YleensÀ nÀiden kanssa huolenaiheena on ettÀ jÀÀvÀtkö kasvot tahmeiksi, ja leviÀÀkö kaikki tyynylle, mutta naamio suli mukavasti kasvoille, eikÀ tyynykÀÀn kokenut kovia. Tahmeus oli aika vÀhÀistÀ, eikÀ haitannut.

Aamuisen kasvojenpesun jĂ€lkeinen olokin oli hyvĂ€; ihoni oli hyvin mattapintainen, mikĂ€ on plussa – en tykkÀÀ liian kosteasta ihosta kun laitan meikkiĂ€. Kosteutus oli ehkĂ€ keskitasoa (ihoni on pintakuiva), ei kuiva, mutta ei myöskÀÀn liian kostea. EhkĂ€ aavistuksen olisi voinut olla kosteuttavampi, mutta en valita. Kiwimaski on tarkoitettu vĂ€syneelle iholle, joka kaipaa elastisuutta, ja kyllĂ€ tĂ€mĂ€ minusta toimi kivasti! Sarjassa on myös Tomato (kirkastava) ja Orange (elinvoimainen) unimaskit, jos tĂ€mĂ€ ei vaikuta sopivalta.

Would I buy again? Maybe not. Sleeping masks are bit of an extra, a luxury for me, so I won’t be buying this any time it runs out. Next time I will likely buy something new, but this doesn’t mean this product was bad – I will happily use this until it runs out!

Ostaisinko uudestaan? TodennĂ€köisesti en. Unimaskit ovat aika extratuote minulle, joten en osta tĂ€tĂ€ lisÀÀ heti kun se loppuu. Seuraavalla kerralla ostan varmaankin jotain uutta ja jĂ€nnittĂ€vÀÀ, mutta se ei tarkoita ettĂ€ tĂ€mĂ€ tuote olisi huono – kĂ€ytĂ€n sen mielellĂ€ni loppuun asti!

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Flowery Spring Nails

I’ve been feeling very sweet lately for some reason. It’s not that I don’t usually like pink, it’s that it’s getting to be a dominating color in my nails! Everything must include pink! It’s not a bad thing, is it?

Viime aikoina on ollut kovin herkkÀ olo jostain syystÀ. KyllÀ pidÀn pinkistÀ yleensÀkin, mutta viime aikoina tÀmÀ pakkomielle pinkkiin on dominoinut kynsiharrastusta! Kaikessa pitÀÀ olla pinkkiÀ! Ei se kai pahasta ole?

Flowery Spring Nails
White Flowers

I’m semi-happy with these nails – I used off-white (Ella+Mila Lovers Suite) for flowers instead of bright white, and they kind of drowned in the pink as a result. The sparkly centers were done with Etude House Princess Happy Ending Jasmine -set’s gold/silver glitter.

Olen semityytyvĂ€inen nĂ€ihin kynsiin – kukkiin kĂ€ytin luonnonvalkoista lakkaa (Ella+Mila Lovers Suite) kirkkaan valkoisen sijasta, ja seurauksena ne hiukan hukkuvat pinkkiin. Keskustat tein Etude Housen Princess Happy Ending Jasmine -setin kullan ja hopean sekaisella glitterillĂ€.

Ella+Mila Pink Me Up nail polish
Ella+Mila Pink Me Up

The base was Ella+Mila Pink Me Up, that I used for stamping last time in my pink mermaid nails. I love this pink! It was almost borderline neon pink in direct sunlight, but still never managed to cross into garish territory, but rather stayed girly and sweet. The downside was that it needed three coats in most nails, which is always a bit of a hassle. Using thick layers one might get off with two coats.

Are you feeling the spring with these nails?

Pohjana oli Ella+Milan PinkMe Up, jota kÀytin leimauksessa kun tein pinkkejÀ merenneitokynsiÀni. TÀmÀ on todella ihana pinkki! Auringonvalossa se nÀytti melkein neonpinkiltÀ, mutta ei kuitenkaan ikinÀ ollut liian rÀikeÀ, vaan pysyi tyttömÀisen söpönÀ. Huono puoli oli se ettÀ tÀyteen peittÀvyyteen tarvittiin kolme kerrosta useimmissa kynsissÀ, mikÀ on aikaavievÀÀ. Paksummilla kerroksilla kaksikin saattaa riittÀÀ.

MitÀ mieltÀ olette, ovatko tarpeeksi kevÀiset?

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Pink Mermaid Nails with Ella+Mila

I am so sorry, but the mermaid obsession continues. Since I completely flaked and did green mermaid nails instead of pink/purple/coral combo I was supposed to do, I wanted to make up for it. And since I got the Ella+Mila Love Collection the other day in the mail, what better time to use them?

Olen hyvin pahoillani, mutta merenneito-obsessio jatkuu. Koska tÀysin unohdin ettÀ vÀrikombona piti olla pinkki/violetti/koralli viime kerralla, ja tein vahingossa vihreÀt kynnet, halusin tehdÀ nyt sitten oikeat kynnet. Ja koska postista juuri saapui tilaamani Ella+Mila Love Collection, niin mikÀ olisikaan parempi aika korkata se?

Pink mermaid nails
Born to swim with the dolphins

This was done with Lovers suite, Pink me up, and Berry much in love. For purple I used Tonymoly Cotton Candy collection’s purple.

TÀhÀn kÀytin Lovers Suitea, Pink me upia, ja Berry much in lovea. Violetti on Tonymoly Cotton Candy collectionin violetti.

Ella+Mila Lovers Suite
Ella+Mila Lovers suite

Lovers Suite is a lovely off-white, that required two to three coats to be opaque.

Lovers Suite on mukava lempeÀn valkoinen, joka vaati kaksi tai kolme kerrosta ollakseen peittÀvÀ.

Ella+Mila Pink me up
Ella+Mila Pink Me Up

Pink Me Up is a lovely pink, which works well for stamping.

Pink Me up on ihanan herkkÀ pinkki, joka toimii mainiosti leimaukseen.

Ella+Mila Berry much in love
Ella+Mila Berry Much in Love

Berry Much in Love is, like its name, a nice, muted berry pink, which also works well for stamping.

Berry Much in Love on miellyttÀvÀn antiikkiroosa, joka myös toimii leimaukseen hyvin.

Pink mermaid nails
Pink mermaid nails
The nail polishes I used plus Uberchic Mermaid Life stamping plate

All in all, I’m very pleased with the result! The Love Collection (B) is a great add to my polish collection! The polishes were easy to apply (and completely vegan), and the colors were lovely. I haven’t tested the rest of the collection yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

Kaiken kaikkiaan olen kovin tyytyvÀinen lopputulokseen! The Love Collection (B) on erinomainen lisÀ lakkakokoelmaani! Lakat olevat helppokÀyttöisiÀ (ja tÀysin vegaanisia), ja vÀrit olivat hyviÀ. Kokoelman muita kolmea lakkaa en ole vielÀ kokeillut, mutta odotukset ovat korkealla.

Ella+Mila Love Collection (B)
Ella+Mila Love Collection (B)

I also bought their matte top coat – I’ve lacked a matt top coat for quite a while now, so yay! Next stop: do they water marble? Stay tuned!

Ostin myös merkin matta pÀÀllyslakan, jota olen ollut vailla jo jonkin aikaa, joten jee! Seuraava etappi tÀmÀn kokoelman parissa: onnistuuko vesimarmorointi? PysykÀÀ kanavalla!