Monthly Mani Favorites – May

Ihe end of the month always surprises me. Where did May go? Did I do anything interesting? How can it already be June! There is so much to be done! Luckily, this panic ends as quickly as it began, haha!

Kuun loppu tulee ainakin minulle aina vähän yllätyksenä. Miten niin toukokuu loppui jo? Mitä edes tein toukokuussa? Ei nyt voi olla vielä kesäkuu! Onneksi paniikki päättyy yhtä nopeasti kuin se tulikin, haha!


But yes, to last month’s favorites! I am quite proud of myself for doing three watermarbles in May – and they turned out well! If you want to see them closer, here are the links: blue flowerswhite over a black base, and pink flowers. I also hopped on the supertrendy rose quartz nails wagon!

All in all, a very good month for nails! I promise to keep on trying new things this month as well. I also thought I’d do more varied blog posts – maybe about make up, skin care, and personal stuff as well. What would you like to read about?

Mutta niin, ne kynnet! Olen oikeastaan aika ylpeä itsestäni, sillä sain tehtyä kolmet kynnet vesimarmorointitekniikalla – ja niistä tuli kovin hienoja! Jos lähemmin haluatte tarkastella, niin tässä linkit: siniset kukat, mustan pohjan päälle marmoroitu valkoinen sekä pinkit kukat. Ratsastin myös trendin aallonharjalla ruusukvartsikynsillä!

Kaiken kaikkiaan kovin hyvä kynsikuukausi! Tässä kuussa aion jatkaa uusien asioiden kokeilua, kun se kerta niin hyvin menee. Ajattelin myös tehdä postauksia vähän vaihtelevammista aiheista – ehkä kosmetiikasta, ihonhoidosta, omasta elämästäni..? Mistä te haluaisitte lukea?

Until next time!

Nähdään taas!

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Recap for February

So we’re in March as of tomorrow, and that means it’s time for last month’s recap! First of all, I managed to do ALL the challenge nails (yay!)…

Maaliskuuhun siirryttäessä on aika koota hiukan helmikuuta. Onnistuin tekemään kaikki haastiskynnet (jee!)..


On top of those, I did not really have time to lot of my own nail art – sometimes I think people that do, re-paint their nails every day (which they probably do, and some many times over), but I just don’t have time to do that. Nor ideas! This pace was pretty good for me, and I had time to do smooshies for sundays too.

Haastiskynsien ohella aikaa ei jäänyt oikein tehdä omia ideoita. Luulen että ne jotka pystyvät tekemään kaikkea ohella, laittavat kyntensä vähintään kerran päivässä – minulla ei ole vain aikaa sellaiseen. Eikä ideoita! Mutta tämä tahti oli aika sopiva, sillä ehdin tehdä öö, mitä se nyt onkaan suomeksi, smoossauksia sunnuntaisin.

I was particularly happy that I did so many new things last month: it was the first time I did reverse stamping (succesfully) and drip marble.

Erityisesti olin tyytyväinen siihen että sain tehtyä useampia uusia tekniikoita: ensimmäistä kertaa sain reverse stampingin onnistumaan, ja tein drip marblen.

I did have some favourites:

Lemppareita löytyi taas:

Link to original post

These pink nails proved to be a favourite. I loved them, and so did people on Instagram. I think they got the most likes ever!

Pinkit kynnet saivat suurta suosiota. Ei vain minulta, vaan Instagramissakin saivat kaiketi eniten tykkäyksiä mitä olen ikinä saanut!

Link to original post

Galaxy nails were my second favourite. It was the first time I tried this style, and it turned out pretty good, if I say so myself.

Tein myös ensimmäistä kertaa galaksikynnet – vaikka itse sanonkin, lopputulos oli aika hieno.

Link to original post

And final favourite is the most recent mani. These fat winged ponies are so cute!

What was your favourite?

Erityisesti pidin viimeisimmästä lakkauksesta. Nämä siivekkäät läskipallerot ovat vain niin söpöjä!

Mitä piditte?

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Quick January recap and plans for February

So another month has passed and we’re into February! I thought I’d do a quick recap, show my favourite manis and one smooshy that did not make it’s way into the blog…

First of all, here are my favourites from January:

January’s favorite nails

These are my personal favorites – if I did a collage according to Instagram likes, it would be almost all smooshynailsunday creations, those seem to get the most! I wanted a bit of variation, though. I think I liked the peachy gradient with flowers best. Did you have a favorite?

…and speaking of smooshies, this one I only showed on Instagram, because I did not really like it, and I didn’t add any decorations. It actually looks a lot better in pictures; in real life it was just a vomit-hued mess! Some smooshies look great, some don’t, and this was definitely in the latter category.

Smooshed mess

In February I am going to try to do Clairestelle8’s monthly challenge, since the prompts are not scary! I’m not a big Valentine’s Day fan though, so I might go into a bit of anti-Valentine’s with them…

Are you a Valentine’s Day person?

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First post of the year

My end of the year was such a nail fail, haha! After Xmas I just stopped caring, and barely put on any nail care polishes – and even those I let flake off and snap. Xmas was so busy, and after that there was my birthday and going out and staying in and whatnot… I just could not bother.

Not even when I got engaged on New Year’s Eve. There must have been something wrong with me. (no ring yet)

So today I’ll just leave you with a small summary of last year’s and last month’s manis. Tomorrow I’ll be posting again, since I decided to take part in #watermarblewednesday again! January had some interesting prompts, and I really need to practise my watermarble! As you’ll see tomorrow…

My most liked posts on Instagram last year:


And #monthlymanifavourites for December:


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End of the month review

Today I thought I’d combine some recent nails, since I haven’t really done any nail arts-y type of thing, with a combination of last month’s mani favourites.

But first, to convince you to continue reading, I shall entice you with a cat.


Isn’t it cute? (I don’t remember the gender, or name even. Sorry!) We went to the local cat café during break week, and obviously I took some pictures… Some? Well, quite a lot.

Anyways, some recent nails? Here is store exclusive from Hypnotic Polish, Femme Fatale’s Castle in the Sky. Look at that sparkle! SUPER gorgeous. Love it. I needed some new quick dry top coat, so while I was buying HK Girl, I just had to get this one. Three coats and a top coat.


I also had to get Cadillaquer’s Honeybells, which was also a store exclusive. This took four coats in some fingers. I did have a picture of them with a normal top coat, but honestly, I thought mattifying it with Lumene Matt Top Coat took it up a notch. So sweet. I want to mattify everything now.


And finally, a collage of last month’s favourites:



The sunset hearts were such a success. Loved them. And sorry about my uneven nails, I keep bumping into things, and edges break and I don’t want to cut them ALL off, so they look a bit wonky at the moment…

Have a nice November! Winter is coming!

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It’s the end of the month as we know it

Time to recap the past month! I didn’t really have time to do my own designs, since I participated in the challenge, even though I skipped a few. But here’s all my challenge nails:


These were for clairestelle8challenge on Instagram. I managed to do 6 out of 8 prompts, so I am pleased – downside was that I really did not have time to do my own ideas. I only got to do two of my own, seen here in my monthly mani favourite collage:


So I think I’ll sit out this month’s challenges and do my own thing – especially since I am NOT a huge fan of Halloween, and everyone else seems to be, and my Instagram feed is already full of spiders and cobwebs… Maybe I’ll do anti-Halloween nails. Flowers all month! Hearts and unicorns and all things cute! I did get some of the new blogger collaboration plates from Bundle Monster, which will make an appearance in the blog shortly.

How was your mani month?

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Monthly Mani Favourites!

So here are August’s favourites. I leaned heavily towards pinks and purples last month, but hey, I like it! I was especially fond of the pink-to-purple gradient on upper right corner of the picture, I didn’t even add any embellishments since it was soooo pretty. And ofc, color blocking is so easy, and looks so good. I am already thinking of doing more graphic designs…


In September, I was also thinking of doing the @clairestelle8challenge, which is so popular on Instagram. Mainly because it has OWLS as a first prompt (I tried to do them today, but failed MISERABLY. Stupid water decals creased and crumbled.) and that will be super cute!

Check my Instagram @quietlymad for more info on these previous manis.