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Watermarble Wednesday – Blue Flowers

Today I have some blue watermarble flowers to show you. I have admired this style on Instagram for a long time, and now I finally mustered the courage to try them out myself! And they turned out great, if I say so myself!

Tänään on vuorossa sinisiä kukkia vesimarmorointitekniikalla. Olen jo pidemmän aikaa ihaillut tätä tyyliä Instagramissa, ja sain nyt viimein rohkaistua itseäni kokeilemaan sitä! Ja tuli muuten pirun hyvät, vaikka itse sanonkin!


As you can see, I still have some trouble with the placement – honest, I don’t know how people get them always aligned properly in every finger. The alignment tends to be slightly off when I’m doing them.

Kuten näkyy, kuvion sijoittelu tuottaa vielä vähän ongelmia – en oikeasti tiedä miten muut saavat kuvion jokaiseen sormeen tismalleen samanlaisena. Kun minä teen, niin se on aina melkein mutta ei ihan.


Here are the polishes I used/Lakat joita käytin:

  • Wild & Mild Alaska (as a base/pohjalakkana)
  • OPI Keeping Suzy at Bay
  • OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook
  • OPI Gelato on My Mind
  • Sinful Colors Snow Me White


And I added a coat of China Glaze’s Fairy Dust, to give it sparkle!

Viimeiseksi lisäsin kerroksen China Glazen Fairy Dustia säihkettä tuomaan!


And I had to take a picture of work in progress, ‘cos that’s just so pretty.

Ja piti ihan kynsien laiton lomassa napata kuva kupista, koska se nyt vaan oli niin kaunista katsottavaa.

Have a nice day everyone!

Ihanaa päivänjatkoa kaikille!

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First post of the year

My end of the year was such a nail fail, haha! After Xmas I just stopped caring, and barely put on any nail care polishes – and even those I let flake off and snap. Xmas was so busy, and after that there was my birthday and going out and staying in and whatnot… I just could not bother.

Not even when I got engaged on New Year’s Eve. There must have been something wrong with me. (no ring yet)

So today I’ll just leave you with a small summary of last year’s and last month’s manis. Tomorrow I’ll be posting again, since I decided to take part in #watermarblewednesday again! January had some interesting prompts, and I really need to practise my watermarble! As you’ll see tomorrow…

My most liked posts on Instagram last year:


And #monthlymanifavourites for December:


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#smooshynailsunday – blue, silver, and bronze

This week has gone by so fast, I barely had time to do this prompt! I wanted to, because I thought the result would be interesting, but.. hmm. It does not look like I imagined it would.


I used Essie Aprés-chic, Kiko 521, and bronze glitter from Etude House Princess Happy Ending Jasmine set. I think I went too metallic with the colours? It looks a bit frozen. Bit annoying, but then again, smooshynailsundays are for experimenting with colours.

I added some stamping:


Turtles? Why turtles, you might ask. It’s because I had a cool turtle plate, OBVIOUSLY. That and the fact that I just did snowflakes last Tuesday. Tribal Turtles for the win! Ooh. That could be a thing!

And I’ve actually had turtles on my mind lately. I’m neck-deep in my course diary, and I’ve been talking about Garden of Eden, and that got me thinking about Darwin and Galapagos islands and dragons and could it also be a Garden of Eden, as he thought life started there? So turtles and dragons and sea and rocky islands have been floating in my head.

Thank Gosh this semester will be over soon.


Independence Day Nails

It’s  the 99th Independence Day here in Finland, so I thought I’d do some thematic nails. Our flag colours are blue and white, and it’s winter, so that makes it… snowflakes? Yes. I added some flakes in silver too, to spice it up:


I used: Essence I ❤ my blue jeans (the best dark blue there is), Moyou London White knight, Essie Apres-chic, with images from QA58. The stamping was super easy and images are so crisp!



Red and blue

First it snowed, now it’s raining, and it’s all sorts of boring and depressing. One needs some colour in one’s life:

Picture Polish Rose and Alice

So gorgeous. Clearly birds of a feather, these sparkle and stay – and do not stain! which is often a problem with blues and reds. I am in love. I had my doubts about Alice when it first came out, and with Rose, but these were a great buy. I didn’t even bother with any stamping on top of them.

Do you love them or do you love them?

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End of the month review

Today I thought I’d combine some recent nails, since I haven’t really done any nail arts-y type of thing, with a combination of last month’s mani favourites.

But first, to convince you to continue reading, I shall entice you with a cat.


Isn’t it cute? (I don’t remember the gender, or name even. Sorry!) We went to the local cat café during break week, and obviously I took some pictures… Some? Well, quite a lot.

Anyways, some recent nails? Here is store exclusive from Hypnotic Polish, Femme Fatale’s Castle in the Sky. Look at that sparkle! SUPER gorgeous. Love it. I needed some new quick dry top coat, so while I was buying HK Girl, I just had to get this one. Three coats and a top coat.


I also had to get Cadillaquer’s Honeybells, which was also a store exclusive. This took four coats in some fingers. I did have a picture of them with a normal top coat, but honestly, I thought mattifying it with Lumene Matt Top Coat took it up a notch. So sweet. I want to mattify everything now.


And finally, a collage of last month’s favourites:



The sunset hearts were such a success. Loved them. And sorry about my uneven nails, I keep bumping into things, and edges break and I don’t want to cut them ALL off, so they look a bit wonky at the moment…

Have a nice November! Winter is coming!

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It’s the end of the month as we know it

Time to recap the past month! I didn’t really have time to do my own designs, since I participated in the challenge, even though I skipped a few. But here’s all my challenge nails:


These were for clairestelle8challenge on Instagram. I managed to do 6 out of 8 prompts, so I am pleased – downside was that I really did not have time to do my own ideas. I only got to do two of my own, seen here in my monthly mani favourite collage:


So I think I’ll sit out this month’s challenges and do my own thing – especially since I am NOT a huge fan of Halloween, and everyone else seems to be, and my Instagram feed is already full of spiders and cobwebs… Maybe I’ll do anti-Halloween nails. Flowers all month! Hearts and unicorns and all things cute! I did get some of the new blogger collaboration plates from Bundle Monster, which will make an appearance in the blog shortly.

How was your mani month?