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Flowers for My Valentine

I know I said last Sunday’s smooshy nails would double as flowers for today’s challenge prompt, but I just can’t let things be! I wanted to do flowers, so flowers it is.

Base is Illyrian Polish In This Twilight, and on top of that I double stamped with Moyou London’s White Knight and Candy Floss and then I mattified it with Lumene Matt Top Coat (which is rapidly running out – must buy more). The image is from BM-XL216.

It turned out to have a bit of eye watering effect!img_20170207_120400

And here’s a look at In This Twilight before stamping – on its own it’s extremely sheer, and three coats won’t make it even near opaque, so I used Essence Whisper of Spring as a base to which I added two coats of ITT. I feel like it looks like butterfly wings or dragon scales? In any case, it definitely has a pretty effect, even more so in real life. Next time I think I’ll use a white base, I think it would suit this polish too.

Illyrian Polish In This Twilight
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Glittery Pastel Gradient with Flowers

Today is the first day of the Clairestelle8’s monthly nail challenge (you can see the prompts in the link), and the prompt was.. pastels! I have had a hankering for radial gradient for quite a while now…

Orange, Pink, and Violet from Tony Moly Cotton Candy collection, topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust.

The colors did give me a pause, but in the end I went for soft and warm orange-pink-violet combination. Tony Moly Cotton Candy collection is so perfect for pastel designs.

I added flowers from BM-XL481, which I’ve been dying to put to use. I used Essie’s Penny Talk for nice rose gold flowers. I really love the style in this plate!

BM-XL481, Essie Penny Talk

Next up: hearts! What should I do, hmm…

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Quick January recap and plans for February

So another month has passed and we’re into February! I thought I’d do a quick recap, show my favourite manis and one smooshy that did not make it’s way into the blog…

First of all, here are my favourites from January:

January’s favorite nails

These are my personal favorites – if I did a collage according to Instagram likes, it would be almost all smooshynailsunday creations, those seem to get the most! I wanted a bit of variation, though. I think I liked the peachy gradient with flowers best. Did you have a favorite?

…and speaking of smooshies, this one I only showed on Instagram, because I did not really like it, and I didn’t add any decorations. It actually looks a lot better in pictures; in real life it was just a vomit-hued mess! Some smooshies look great, some don’t, and this was definitely in the latter category.

Smooshed mess

In February I am going to try to do Clairestelle8’s monthly challenge, since the prompts are not scary! I’m not a big Valentine’s Day fan though, so I might go into a bit of anti-Valentine’s with them…

Are you a Valentine’s Day person?


Gradient geometrics

This was an idea that I had for quite a while, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it. But yesterday I felt like geometrics!


As a base I used Essence Sandy toes and salty kisses, which is a nice semi-matte salt texture white. It was in some summer edition, and I’ve grown quite fond of it! Texture polishes are so quick to dry, and this wasn’t too textured for normal use.

I then stamped with Konad basic colours; orange, red, and purple (latex was used – these are super pigmented and stain like mad if given a chance) with image from BM-XL212. I’m really liking the latest blogger collaboration series!

And I actually had to do these twice. First time around HK Girl – which is not supposed to spread stamps – spread the stamps, and I did it S-U-P-E-R carefully the second time. These stamping polishes spread so easily. But the end result is worth it!

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End of the month review

Today I thought I’d combine some recent nails, since I haven’t really done any nail arts-y type of thing, with a combination of last month’s mani favourites.

But first, to convince you to continue reading, I shall entice you with a cat.


Isn’t it cute? (I don’t remember the gender, or name even. Sorry!) We went to the local cat café during break week, and obviously I took some pictures… Some? Well, quite a lot.

Anyways, some recent nails? Here is store exclusive from Hypnotic Polish, Femme Fatale’s Castle in the Sky. Look at that sparkle! SUPER gorgeous. Love it. I needed some new quick dry top coat, so while I was buying HK Girl, I just had to get this one. Three coats and a top coat.


I also had to get Cadillaquer’s Honeybells, which was also a store exclusive. This took four coats in some fingers. I did have a picture of them with a normal top coat, but honestly, I thought mattifying it with Lumene Matt Top Coat took it up a notch. So sweet. I want to mattify everything now.


And finally, a collage of last month’s favourites:



The sunset hearts were such a success. Loved them. And sorry about my uneven nails, I keep bumping into things, and edges break and I don’t want to cut them ALL off, so they look a bit wonky at the moment…

Have a nice November! Winter is coming!


Woodland creatures

Okay so these nails were impossible to photograph. I have no light box, so the reflection makes the images rather hard to make out. It did not really help that Essie’s Penny talk that I used for stamping streaks like mad! In any case, I thought I’d do fall-themed nails with woodland creatures – BM-s163 is such a lovely plate – but these were more of a miss than a hit. I think I’ll do them again with another colour scheme, one of these days. The idea was good.

Essence Dare it nude, Free hugs, Yummiiii! with Essie Penny talk for stamping.

Pinktober continues…

I am so busy, I’ve had naked nails for like… THREE DAYS. Something just always comes up, and I postpone doing them, but… Must. Do. Nails. Today. (Fine, I should be doing a deformance on a Scottish poem today, but shh. I’ll have time for both. Maybe.)

In the meanwhile, I’ll present more of my pink madness! I finally got my greedy paws on Essie’s Go Go Geisha – which was sold out everywhere, and I ended up ordering from – and it’s just as good as I hoped. I think I have mentioned my fondness for clay-toned hues before..

Do excuse my nail beds. Sigh.

And on top of that, I added some stamps from BMXL-216:


I think my efforts at getting a psychedelic feeling paid off – my eyes are watering!