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Flowery Spring Nails

I’ve been feeling very sweet lately for some reason. It’s not that I don’t usually like pink, it’s that it’s getting to be a dominating color in my nails! Everything must include pink! It’s not a bad thing, is it?

Viime aikoina on ollut kovin herkkä olo jostain syystä. Kyllä pidän pinkistä yleensäkin, mutta viime aikoina tämä pakkomielle pinkkiin on dominoinut kynsiharrastusta! Kaikessa pitää olla pinkkiä! Ei se kai pahasta ole?

Flowery Spring Nails
White Flowers

I’m semi-happy with these nails – I used off-white (Ella+Mila Lovers Suite) for flowers instead of bright white, and they kind of drowned in the pink as a result. The sparkly centers were done with Etude House Princess Happy Ending Jasmine -set’s gold/silver glitter.

Olen semityytyväinen näihin kynsiin – kukkiin käytin luonnonvalkoista lakkaa (Ella+Mila Lovers Suite) kirkkaan valkoisen sijasta, ja seurauksena ne hiukan hukkuvat pinkkiin. Keskustat tein Etude Housen Princess Happy Ending Jasmine -setin kullan ja hopean sekaisella glitterillä.

Ella+Mila Pink Me Up nail polish
Ella+Mila Pink Me Up

The base was Ella+Mila Pink Me Up, that I used for stamping last time in my pink mermaid nails. I love this pink! It was almost borderline neon pink in direct sunlight, but still never managed to cross into garish territory, but rather stayed girly and sweet. The downside was that it needed three coats in most nails, which is always a bit of a hassle. Using thick layers one might get off with two coats.

Are you feeling the spring with these nails?

Pohjana oli Ella+Milan PinkMe Up, jota käytin leimauksessa kun tein pinkkejä merenneitokynsiäni. Tämä on todella ihana pinkki! Auringonvalossa se näytti melkein neonpinkiltä, mutta ei kuitenkaan ikinä ollut liian räikeä, vaan pysyi tyttömäisen söpönä. Huono puoli oli se että täyteen peittävyyteen tarvittiin kolme kerrosta useimmissa kynsissä, mikä on aikaavievää. Paksummilla kerroksilla kaksikin saattaa riittää.

Mitä mieltä olette, ovatko tarpeeksi keväiset?

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PINK! Nails

Again it is clairestelle8 challenge time, and today’s prompt was PINK! (caps lock not mine!) I had just bought OPI Apartment for two from Valentine’s Day sale (lots of full sized OPI shades for 4-6€! I ended up buying six altogether), which turned out to be VERY pink in real life, so it seemed fitting.

The picture shows three coats, but I would’ve managed with two if I hadn’t done all sorts of stuff around the house before taking a picture. It is very pigmented.


I stamped on top of it with Moyou London’s Candy Floss, and the image is from their plate Flower Power 03.

OPI Apartment for two, Moyou London Candy Floss, Flower Power 03

I am So in love with these. At first I thought Apartment for two would be a garish pink, as they easily are, but it is actually the perfect shade. My new favourite!

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Quick January recap and plans for February

So another month has passed and we’re into February! I thought I’d do a quick recap, show my favourite manis and one smooshy that did not make it’s way into the blog…

First of all, here are my favourites from January:

January’s favorite nails

These are my personal favorites – if I did a collage according to Instagram likes, it would be almost all smooshynailsunday creations, those seem to get the most! I wanted a bit of variation, though. I think I liked the peachy gradient with flowers best. Did you have a favorite?

…and speaking of smooshies, this one I only showed on Instagram, because I did not really like it, and I didn’t add any decorations. It actually looks a lot better in pictures; in real life it was just a vomit-hued mess! Some smooshies look great, some don’t, and this was definitely in the latter category.

Smooshed mess

In February I am going to try to do Clairestelle8’s monthly challenge, since the prompts are not scary! I’m not a big Valentine’s Day fan though, so I might go into a bit of anti-Valentine’s with them…

Are you a Valentine’s Day person?


Peachy Gradient with Flowers

So I got into my head that I wanted to do a subtle gradient for a change. I used Essence I care for you and Moyou London White Knight, and I loved the result! Nudes are tricky for me, since my coloring is so pale – it is difficult to find a shade that is not too brown, or too yellow. This peachy shade is perfect!

Essence I care for you, Moyou London White Knight

I added some flowers from Moyou London Suki-02 plate, using Kiko 496. Kikos are not really meant for stamping, but I’ve found that they work very well for it.

Moyou London Suki-02, Kiko 496

I mattified the result for good measure with Lumene Matt top coat, and I am loving these! I could wear this for days! (pardon the dry nailbeds)

…which I won’t, because #smooshynailsunday is upon us again, which means I have to take these off today in order to have time to do the smooshy. Nooooo! Haha!

Oh well, I’ll just have to do these again, soon. So lovely!

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It’s the end of the month as we know it

Time to recap the past month! I didn’t really have time to do my own designs, since I participated in the challenge, even though I skipped a few. But here’s all my challenge nails:


These were for clairestelle8challenge on Instagram. I managed to do 6 out of 8 prompts, so I am pleased – downside was that I really did not have time to do my own ideas. I only got to do two of my own, seen here in my monthly mani favourite collage:


So I think I’ll sit out this month’s challenges and do my own thing – especially since I am NOT a huge fan of Halloween, and everyone else seems to be, and my Instagram feed is already full of spiders and cobwebs… Maybe I’ll do anti-Halloween nails. Flowers all month! Hearts and unicorns and all things cute! I did get some of the new blogger collaboration plates from Bundle Monster, which will make an appearance in the blog shortly.

How was your mani month?


My poor nails!

So the nail on my middle finger broke the other day. It broke flat off and no tea bag tricks would help, so now I’m stuck with shorter nails for a while. What to do, what to do… nailart wise. My nails flake and break off really easily if I’m not wearing nail polish, so I added Opi Be there in a prosecco as an emergency measure.

Nice and plain.

Then I thought of @nailsbymedrek‘s nails that I liked on Instagram few days ago, and got inspired. They were cute and kind of retro! I recreated the look with different colours, but tried to keep the retro look.

Flowers were done with Kiko 496, 483, and 534.

As a top coat I used Rimmel’s Finishing touch, which unfortunately spread the colors slightly on some nails… but it’s barely noticeable!

What do you think?