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Have a Sparkly Saturday!

Today’s clairestelle8 challenge prompt was Sparkly! While short nails are kinda ANNOYING me, I did my best! Also, I rarely do sparkles, because, you know, glitter gets everywhere. As happened with this one.

Tämän päivän clairestelle8 haastetehtävä oli Sparkly! Vaikka lyhkäiset kynnet ärsyttävätkin tällä hetkellä, tein parhaani. Glitterikynsiä tulee tehtyä harvoin, koska duh, glitter menee kaikkialle. Niin kävi tämänkin kanssa.

As a base I used Illyrian Polish Secrets, which was almost like spreading blueberry jelly on my nails! It’s slightly see-through with two coats, but that’s just adding to blueberry stain like effect. I added some H&M red glitter on top – it has no name, sorry.

Pohjana käytin Illyrian Polishin Secretsiä, jonka levittäminen tuntui mustikkahillon laittamiselta kynsille! Kahdenkin kerroksen jälkeen se on vielä aika läpinäkyvä, mutta se vain tuo enemmän sitä mustikkamaista efektiä. Lisäsin vielä henkkamaukan nimetöntä glitteriä liukuna päälle.

Illyrian Polish Secrets, H&M nameless glitter

So yeah, I thought I’d try out keeping a blog in two languages. Just so you know ;).

Ajattelin sitten kirjoittaa blogia kahdella kielellä, noin tiedoksi ;).

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#smooshynailsunday – blue, silver, and bronze

This week has gone by so fast, I barely had time to do this prompt! I wanted to, because I thought the result would be interesting, but.. hmm. It does not look like I imagined it would.


I used Essie Aprés-chic, Kiko 521, and bronze glitter from Etude House Princess Happy Ending Jasmine set. I think I went too metallic with the colours? It looks a bit frozen. Bit annoying, but then again, smooshynailsundays are for experimenting with colours.

I added some stamping:


Turtles? Why turtles, you might ask. It’s because I had a cool turtle plate, OBVIOUSLY. That and the fact that I just did snowflakes last Tuesday. Tribal Turtles for the win! Ooh. That could be a thing!

And I’ve actually had turtles on my mind lately. I’m neck-deep in my course diary, and I’ve been talking about Garden of Eden, and that got me thinking about Darwin and Galapagos islands and dragons and could it also be a Garden of Eden, as he thought life started there? So turtles and dragons and sea and rocky islands have been floating in my head.

Thank Gosh this semester will be over soon.

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End of the month review

Today I thought I’d combine some recent nails, since I haven’t really done any nail arts-y type of thing, with a combination of last month’s mani favourites.

But first, to convince you to continue reading, I shall entice you with a cat.


Isn’t it cute? (I don’t remember the gender, or name even. Sorry!) We went to the local cat café during break week, and obviously I took some pictures… Some? Well, quite a lot.

Anyways, some recent nails? Here is store exclusive from Hypnotic Polish, Femme Fatale’s Castle in the Sky. Look at that sparkle! SUPER gorgeous. Love it. I needed some new quick dry top coat, so while I was buying HK Girl, I just had to get this one. Three coats and a top coat.


I also had to get Cadillaquer’s Honeybells, which was also a store exclusive. This took four coats in some fingers. I did have a picture of them with a normal top coat, but honestly, I thought mattifying it with Lumene Matt Top Coat took it up a notch. So sweet. I want to mattify everything now.


And finally, a collage of last month’s favourites:



The sunset hearts were such a success. Loved them. And sorry about my uneven nails, I keep bumping into things, and edges break and I don’t want to cut them ALL off, so they look a bit wonky at the moment…

Have a nice November! Winter is coming!


Sunset Gradient

Today being Wednesday, I thought I’d try to do water marble for a change – but you know how it goes: some days just aren’t water marble days. They’re just not. Colors bleed into each other, color combination looks like shit when you get it on your nails, water is too cold, water is too warm, nothing is right and YOU’VE MADE A MESS.

But then I thought: gradient never fails me. And it didn’t.

Essie Maki me happy, Kiko 363, Essence Ice cream party, topped with China Glaze Fairy dust.

And obviously I just cannot leave a good gradation alone: I added stamps from Bundle Monster XL210:


SUPER GORGEOUS. Totally works. Love it. Do you?

Oh! And here’s a bonus picture of fall leaves. Autumn is in full swing here, and it’s getting rather cold.. but pretty.



Close enough

Okay, okay, so I didn’t do stained glass as the @clairestelle8challenge prompted for 20th. That was due to the small fact that I don’t HAVE stained glass stuff. I’ve been meaning to get some sheets of it, but well, it’s not really something that has top priority now. So I did the next best thing: CLOSE ENOUGH.


See? Sparkly stuff! For some time now, I’ve kept an eye out for Asian trends, namely Japanese and Chinese and South-Korean. It is so interesting to see how different the trends are there, how they use a lot more negative space, and how the shapes are different. This heart shape is fairly popular – at least I think so, not understanding Korean.. and glitter is popular. With stained glass, of course, but we went through that already.

Products used: Sirère polish Antifreeze, Rimmel Cheeky Chap, Essence Sandy toes & salty kisses.

Sirène Polish is a South-Korean brand, and Antifreeze was my first from them. It had nice quality, though black hearts were a bit scarce and hard to fish out. But that seems to be their nature. But to make things easier, they sent a packet of glitter separately with it!

Hearts and triangles.