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Mermaid Monday – Summer Edition

Aloha! For this Mermaid Monday I did my nails in yellow, orange and hot pink, and let me tell you, I am feeling this tropical combo.

Aloha! Täksi merenneitomaanantaiksi laitoin kynnet keltaisen, orassin, ja kirkkaan pinkin yhdistelmällä, ja kyllä tämä trooppinen kombo uppoaa meikäläiseen!

quietlymadblog mermaid monday nails summer edition

I did a simple gradient over light yellow base with said yellow, two different oranges, and hot pink. After that I stamped images from Uberchic Mermaid Life – double for ring finger and little finger (see the pink scales).

Tein yksinkertaisen liukuvärin vaaleankeltaisen pohjan päälle vaaleankeltaisella, kahdella eri oranssilla, ja kirkkaalla pinkillä. Leimat ovat Uberchicin Mermaid Life -laatasta, nimettömässä ja pikkusormessa on kaksinkertainen leimaus (mikäli näette ne pinkit suomut).

quietlymadblog mermaid monday nails summer edition 2

I used / Käytin:

  • OPI Apartment for Two
  • Kiko 236
  • Kiko 483
  • Essence Love is in the Air
  • Painted Polish Midnight Mischief (for stamping)

quietlymadblog mermaid monday nails summer edition 3

And if you wonder about my thumb being different here (and in quite many other posts, actually), I can tell you it is getting some tea bag treatment. I am trying to grow a nasty break out, which is situated near midway my nail – so at the moment, it has just a random polish for protection (F.U.N Lacquer’s Unicorn Island). So for the foreseeable future, the nail art will be only on four nails.

Mikäli muuten ihmettelette että miksi peukalonkynteni on ihan eri näköinen kuin muut kynnet, niin vastaus on että siinä on tällä hetkellä menossa teepussikorjaus – kynnessäni on siis sivussa repeämä, joka on todella alhaalla kynnessä, ja yritän siis kasvattaa sitä pois. Tällä hetkellä sitä suojaa siis F.U.N Lacquerin Unicorn Island, ja sen takia teen nyt kynsitaidetta vain neljälle kynnelle.

quietlymadblog mermaid monday nails summer edition 4

But now, I’ll go drench my hair in oil treatment and hit the sauna – the joys of going blonde from brunette! Here you can see where I am at the moment; there’s some darkness and redness still in the roots, but the rest of it is starting to be a nice blonde. I just had these bleached for a second time, so they need some oily love to battle the dryness. Quite a change from the last time I posted about my hair!

Mutta nyt on aika laittaa öljyhoitoa hiuksiin ja laittaa sauna päälle – blondiksi värjäämisen ihanuuksia. Tässä tämänhetkinen tilanne; juurissa on vielä lämpöä ja punaisuutta, mutta latvat alkavat olla jo mukavan blondit. Juuri viime viikolla tehtiin toinen värinpoisto, joten öljyhoitoja taas tarvitaan kuiviin pituuksiin. Mutta aika muutos verrattuna viime kertaan!

quietlymadblog mermaid monday selfie

That’s it for today! Have a nice week!

Tälläistä tänään! Mukavaa viikonjatkoa!




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Pale Sky Nails

Today I have some older nails to show you, from the Time of the Scar, which never got posted back then. I call these the Pale Sky Nails.

Tänään on vuorossa vähän vanhemmat kynnet, (Arven Ajalta) joita ei ole vain tullut postattua. Kutsutaan näitä nyt vaikka Lempeän Taivaan Kynsiksi.


I did a simple gradient with Lumene Willow Leaves and Blush Lilac, and the stamp is from BundleMonster XL214. I love how the gradient turned out!

And sorry that I have been a bit inactive – I’ve been suffering from a serious lack of inspiration, and the nails I’ve done have not turned out the way I liked (watermarble, I’m looking at you). I’ll try to do better!

Tein ihan simppelin liukuvärin Lumenen Pajunlehdellä ja Syreenin Tuoksulla, jonka päälle leimasin BundleMonsterin laatalla XL214. Liukuväristä tuli ihana!

Ja pahoittelut jos olen ollut hiukan poissaoleva – tuntuu että olen hukannut inspiraationi viime aikoina, ja nekin kynnet mitä olen tehnyt, ovat olleen aika epätyydyttäviä (köh, vesimarmorointiyrityksiä, köh). Yritän tsempata!

Have a nice day!

Hauskaa (toivon mukaan pitkää) viikonloppua!

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Picture Polish Instagram Competition Entry: Gradient

On Instagram, the Australian brand Picture Polish hosted a gradient competition. I was immediatly interested, since hey, I love gradients! The rules stated that you could use 2-5  PP polishes and no embellishments. Yesterday was the big participation day, but I figured that I’d post pictures here today, so as not to spam twice a day. (Never mind the fact that this is now third post in as many days, which is a bit unusual for me)

So, the gradient! I went for romantic theme.

Picture Polish Bardot, Paris, Nemesis

It’s not really a fancy gradient, or innovative, or exotic… but tell you the truth, these are my third nails! I had big plans twice before this, but they were total nail fails in the end! So this is what I ended up with.

The rules wanted also a picture with the polishes in.

Picture Polish Bardot, Paris, Nemesis

And finally the flowers that made it in the picture – I got them for Valentine’s <3. So vibrant!


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Glittery Pastel Gradient with Flowers

Today is the first day of the Clairestelle8’s monthly nail challenge (you can see the prompts in the link), and the prompt was.. pastels! I have had a hankering for radial gradient for quite a while now…

Orange, Pink, and Violet from Tony Moly Cotton Candy collection, topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust.

The colors did give me a pause, but in the end I went for soft and warm orange-pink-violet combination. Tony Moly Cotton Candy collection is so perfect for pastel designs.

I added flowers from BM-XL481, which I’ve been dying to put to use. I used Essie’s Penny Talk for nice rose gold flowers. I really love the style in this plate!

BM-XL481, Essie Penny Talk

Next up: hearts! What should I do, hmm…

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Quick January recap and plans for February

So another month has passed and we’re into February! I thought I’d do a quick recap, show my favourite manis and one smooshy that did not make it’s way into the blog…

First of all, here are my favourites from January:

January’s favorite nails

These are my personal favorites – if I did a collage according to Instagram likes, it would be almost all smooshynailsunday creations, those seem to get the most! I wanted a bit of variation, though. I think I liked the peachy gradient with flowers best. Did you have a favorite?

…and speaking of smooshies, this one I only showed on Instagram, because I did not really like it, and I didn’t add any decorations. It actually looks a lot better in pictures; in real life it was just a vomit-hued mess! Some smooshies look great, some don’t, and this was definitely in the latter category.

Smooshed mess

In February I am going to try to do Clairestelle8’s monthly challenge, since the prompts are not scary! I’m not a big Valentine’s Day fan though, so I might go into a bit of anti-Valentine’s with them…

Are you a Valentine’s Day person?

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F.U.N Lacquer New Year 2017 Collection

So I went a bit crazy. I saw this collection on Instagram and it just hit me: I must have it. I’m not even exactly sure what it was about it! I rarely buy full collections, since it would get very expensive, and there’s always some shades I don’t like.. but this was a hit. I could instantly think of a half dozen nail designs.

F.U.N Lacquer New Year 2017 Collection

Here’s one of them!

F.U.N Lacquer Magic Stone, Unicorn Island, Evening Gown

I love gradients, so it was an obvious first choice. I didn’t do anything special, this was more of a testing the polishes out. And they delivered. It did take quite a few spongings, since the polishes are jelly-type, but hey, what I would not do for gradients! Oh and this is way more rainbow-shifting-holographic-goodness-y in real life, I loved this so much!


Shattered gradient

I love gradients so much. This I did some days ago, when I wanted something red and purple. I used Picture Polish Autumn, Rose, and Nemesis (which is discontinued! Why, oh why…) The shimmer was so hard to capture – it was more shimmery in real life.

Picture Polish Autumn, Rose, Nemesis

On top of it I ended up stamping with Bundle Monster XL-216.


I like the shattered effect! And I love the color combination. Not really Xmassy, but hey, I never am!

(Seriously, I rarely am. I’m not really interested in Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter or any of that sort. So I don’t really do seasonal nails.)