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Mermaid Monday – Summer Edition

Aloha! For this Mermaid Monday I did my nails in yellow, orange and hot pink, and let me tell you, I am feeling this tropical combo.

Aloha! Täksi merenneitomaanantaiksi laitoin kynnet keltaisen, orassin, ja kirkkaan pinkin yhdistelmällä, ja kyllä tämä trooppinen kombo uppoaa meikäläiseen!

quietlymadblog mermaid monday nails summer edition

I did a simple gradient over light yellow base with said yellow, two different oranges, and hot pink. After that I stamped images from Uberchic Mermaid Life – double for ring finger and little finger (see the pink scales).

Tein yksinkertaisen liukuvärin vaaleankeltaisen pohjan päälle vaaleankeltaisella, kahdella eri oranssilla, ja kirkkaalla pinkillä. Leimat ovat Uberchicin Mermaid Life -laatasta, nimettömässä ja pikkusormessa on kaksinkertainen leimaus (mikäli näette ne pinkit suomut).

quietlymadblog mermaid monday nails summer edition 2

I used / Käytin:

  • OPI Apartment for Two
  • Kiko 236
  • Kiko 483
  • Essence Love is in the Air
  • Painted Polish Midnight Mischief (for stamping)

quietlymadblog mermaid monday nails summer edition 3

And if you wonder about my thumb being different here (and in quite many other posts, actually), I can tell you it is getting some tea bag treatment. I am trying to grow a nasty break out, which is situated near midway my nail – so at the moment, it has just a random polish for protection (F.U.N Lacquer’s Unicorn Island). So for the foreseeable future, the nail art will be only on four nails.

Mikäli muuten ihmettelette että miksi peukalonkynteni on ihan eri näköinen kuin muut kynnet, niin vastaus on että siinä on tällä hetkellä menossa teepussikorjaus – kynnessäni on siis sivussa repeämä, joka on todella alhaalla kynnessä, ja yritän siis kasvattaa sitä pois. Tällä hetkellä sitä suojaa siis F.U.N Lacquerin Unicorn Island, ja sen takia teen nyt kynsitaidetta vain neljälle kynnelle.

quietlymadblog mermaid monday nails summer edition 4

But now, I’ll go drench my hair in oil treatment and hit the sauna – the joys of going blonde from brunette! Here you can see where I am at the moment; there’s some darkness and redness still in the roots, but the rest of it is starting to be a nice blonde. I just had these bleached for a second time, so they need some oily love to battle the dryness. Quite a change from the last time I posted about my hair!

Mutta nyt on aika laittaa öljyhoitoa hiuksiin ja laittaa sauna päälle – blondiksi värjäämisen ihanuuksia. Tässä tämänhetkinen tilanne; juurissa on vielä lämpöä ja punaisuutta, mutta latvat alkavat olla jo mukavan blondit. Juuri viime viikolla tehtiin toinen värinpoisto, joten öljyhoitoja taas tarvitaan kuiviin pituuksiin. Mutta aika muutos verrattuna viime kertaan!

quietlymadblog mermaid monday selfie

That’s it for today! Have a nice week!

Tälläistä tänään! Mukavaa viikonjatkoa!




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Fanbrush Friday – Purple, Pink, and Orange

I have been down with flu since last Sunday. Even though it is nearly May, it has been snowing often this week. I accidentally broke a door shelf in the fridge, and I can’t find a replacement. So it was good that this week’s fanbrush colors were very tropical, otherwise I might have gotten very depressed.

Olen ollut nuhainen sunnuntaista lähtien. Lunta on tullut usein, vaikka on jo melkein toukokuu. Rikoin vahingossa jääkaapin ovihyllyn, enkä löydä siihen uutta. Joten on ihan hyvä että tämän viikon viuhkiminen oli trooppisissa väreissä, sillä muuten olisin saattanut masentua.


Surprisingly, I didn’t think the end result was very tropical, so I turned to more pop art-y stamping.

Lopputulos ei ollut kuitenkaan mielestäni mitenkään supertrooppinen, joten leimasin päälle enemmän pop art -tyylillä.


And again, I didn’t note the polishes I used! They’re harder to remember with Kiko, since that brand doesn’t print the name of the polish on the bottle, only number. Oh well. I blame the flu. For stamping I used Moyou London’s Black Knight, with image from Lina Make Your Mark 03.

Ja taas olen unohtanut merkata lakkojen nimet! Kikon kanssa se on erityisen hankalaa, sillä pulloissa ei ole nimiä, vaan pelkät numerot, joita en ikinä muista. Syytän nuhaa. Jokatapauksessa, päälle leimasin siis Moyou Londonin Black Knightilla, ja kuvio on Lina Make Your Mark 03:sta.


I really wish this flu passes soon. It drains me of all energy. So I’ll do what I always do to get well soon: I am going to wallow in self pity on the sofa, watching mindless tv shows. I swear it works!

Haluaisin totisesti parantua jo tästä flunssasta, kun se vie kaiken energian. Täytyy vain toimia niin kuin aina kun olen kipeä: möllötän sohvalla itsesäälisenä, katsoen hömppäsarjoja. Se toimii!

Hope you all stay healthy!

Toivottavasti te pysytte terveinä!

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Super Pink Dotticure

I haven’t done dots in a while – and now I think there’s enough to last for a while! Clearly I got the spotted fever…

Pilkkuja ei ole tullut tehtyä hetkeen – mutta nyt on sen verran pilkkuja että luulisi riittävän hetkeksi! Oikea pilkkukuume iski.


For this pink masterpiece I used / Tähän mestariteokseen käytin:

  • Essence Color Boost – Instant Friendship
  • OPI Apartment for Two
  • Kiko 363
  • Lumene Dark Berry/Viinimarja

And a couple of different sized dotting tools, both Essence I think.

But just a note about this new Essence Color Boost -line: it boasts “1 coat & go”, but I have not met a pastel that did not need at least two coats, and this is no exception. I had to put three to get it fully opaque. It was also somewhat streaky – would not recommend.

Sekä tietenkin muutamaa erikokoista pilkkutikkua, molemmat taisivat olla Essencen.

Mutta vielä sananen tästä Essencen uudesta Color Boost -lakasta: se väittää olevansa “1 coat & go”, mutta en ole vielä tavannut pastellilakkaa joka ei vaatisi vähintään kahta kerrosta, eikä tämä ole poikkeus. Tämä vaati kynsilläni kolme kerrosta. Lakka ei myöskään tasoitu itsekseen hyvin, vaan voi jäädä aika raitaisaksi – en suosittele.

Are you a fan of dotticures?

Pidätkö Sinä pilkutuksesta?

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Heart of Stone: Valentine’s Day Nails

I’m not really a Valentine’s Day person. It is probably due to the fact that we don’t really celebrate romantic love in Finland on V-Day; here we celebrate love between friends. Well, to an extent at least. Children might craft cards for their class mates in elementary schools, and people might gift each other with some small tokens like candy or cards, but it’s not a big deal. And of course, romantics and couples might do something on Valentine’s. But compared to say, the super-duper-romantic date night that’s in ALL American movies, we really don’t do much!

So yeah. My Valentine’s Day is going to uneventful, and that’s the way I like it!

Nails, obviously, are a different matter. I like pink and red and hearts all year round, but in the month of February, it’s everywhere! Cute stuff! Glitter! Pink! Did I mention pink?

Which brings me to my Valentine’s Day nails. As you might have noticed, this month I’m doing the clairestell8 challenge, and the prompt for today was a choice between Valentine’s and anti-Valentine’s nails. Hmm, I thought to myself,  is there any way I could do BOTH? And there was. Lo and behold.

I call this Heart of Stone. Drip marble is an excellent technique for stone look, and this definitely looks like it! And somehow, it does remind me of muscles too, don’t you think? A literal heart AND a stone heart! I am very pleased at how this turned out!


I hadn’t tried my hand at drip marble before, so this was a good time for it! (boy, I’ve been doing new stuff lately) The idea in drip marble is to drop globs of nail polish on a nail art mat, or piece of plastic bag (the sort you use for freezing things works fine) on top of each other, and then just rotate the mat/plastic to spread the polish in every which way. After that, let it dry, peel it off the mat, and cut to size. A layer of base coat on you nails, stick the design on top of it, add a top coat, and presto, you’re done. Well, exept for the clean up. I recommend cutting all the extra flap away as much as you can, it makes it easier – as I found out the hard way. Other than that, this was surprisingly easy! And the result is always different, which makes it so cool.

I used a bunch of polishes for this:

  • F.U.N Lacquer Daydream
  • F.U.N Lacquer Just Dance
  • Kiko 243
  • Kiko 826
  • Kiko 288

So that’s my Valentine’s. How’s your day?


Peachy Gradient with Flowers

So I got into my head that I wanted to do a subtle gradient for a change. I used Essence I care for you and Moyou London White Knight, and I loved the result! Nudes are tricky for me, since my coloring is so pale – it is difficult to find a shade that is not too brown, or too yellow. This peachy shade is perfect!

Essence I care for you, Moyou London White Knight

I added some flowers from Moyou London Suki-02 plate, using Kiko 496. Kikos are not really meant for stamping, but I’ve found that they work very well for it.

Moyou London Suki-02, Kiko 496

I mattified the result for good measure with Lumene Matt top coat, and I am loving these! I could wear this for days! (pardon the dry nailbeds)

…which I won’t, because #smooshynailsunday is upon us again, which means I have to take these off today in order to have time to do the smooshy. Nooooo! Haha!

Oh well, I’ll just have to do these again, soon. So lovely!

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#watermarblewednesday – Oil Slick Watermarble

This week’s prompt was “oil slick”, and it is THE reason I joined the challenge this month! I had NO idea what an oil slick watermarble was, so I did some digging in Instagram, and it is gorgeous. There weren’t many posts under #oilslickwatermarble, but I did find an awesome tutorial. Most of the pics were rainbow hued, so I decided to use something more subdued:

Polishes used: Kiko 379, 523, and 345.

LOVE. For some reason it kind of looks like aurora borealis. Awesome effect.

I added some China Glaze Fairy Dust on top to make it look more like the night sky:

Topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust

The technique is very easy: you just drop polishes in a cup of water as usual, to form circles, but rather than drawing formations, you dip your finger in the middle of the rings. Then you clean up the surrounding polish and sloooowly begin raising your finger from water. There were few variations to this technique: some did it in a way that they slowly raised the whole finger out of water (the polish slides off, forming these awesome slicks), but the video I used as a instructive method had the nail raised halfway out and then dipped in again. Well, you can see it better in the link above. Easy. Fun. Interesting.

But there is one thing to warn about: use a ton of liquid latex (or “peely stuff”, as it seems to be better known as) because this is messy! When you do more common styles of watermarble, you draw the polishes into formations, and this thins it out – in oil slick, there is a LOT of polish on your finger! So much that it drips off, which makes the effect.

All in all, I will definitely do this again!

Have you tried this technique?

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#smooshynailsunday – blue, silver, and bronze

This week has gone by so fast, I barely had time to do this prompt! I wanted to, because I thought the result would be interesting, but.. hmm. It does not look like I imagined it would.


I used Essie Aprés-chic, Kiko 521, and bronze glitter from Etude House Princess Happy Ending Jasmine set. I think I went too metallic with the colours? It looks a bit frozen. Bit annoying, but then again, smooshynailsundays are for experimenting with colours.

I added some stamping:


Turtles? Why turtles, you might ask. It’s because I had a cool turtle plate, OBVIOUSLY. That and the fact that I just did snowflakes last Tuesday. Tribal Turtles for the win! Ooh. That could be a thing!

And I’ve actually had turtles on my mind lately. I’m neck-deep in my course diary, and I’ve been talking about Garden of Eden, and that got me thinking about Darwin and Galapagos islands and dragons and could it also be a Garden of Eden, as he thought life started there? So turtles and dragons and sea and rocky islands have been floating in my head.

Thank Gosh this semester will be over soon.