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Pale Sky Nails

Today I have some older nails to show you, from the Time of the Scar, which never got posted back then. I call these the Pale Sky Nails.

Tänään on vuorossa vähän vanhemmat kynnet, (Arven Ajalta) joita ei ole vain tullut postattua. Kutsutaan näitä nyt vaikka Lempeän Taivaan Kynsiksi.


I did a simple gradient with Lumene Willow Leaves and Blush Lilac, and the stamp is from BundleMonster XL214. I love how the gradient turned out!

And sorry that I have been a bit inactive – I’ve been suffering from a serious lack of inspiration, and the nails I’ve done have not turned out the way I liked (watermarble, I’m looking at you). I’ll try to do better!

Tein ihan simppelin liukuvärin Lumenen Pajunlehdellä ja Syreenin Tuoksulla, jonka päälle leimasin BundleMonsterin laatalla XL214. Liukuväristä tuli ihana!

Ja pahoittelut jos olen ollut hiukan poissaoleva – tuntuu että olen hukannut inspiraationi viime aikoina, ja nekin kynnet mitä olen tehnyt, ovat olleen aika epätyydyttäviä (köh, vesimarmorointiyrityksiä, köh). Yritän tsempata!

Have a nice day!

Hauskaa (toivon mukaan pitkää) viikonloppua!

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Super Pink Dotticure

I haven’t done dots in a while – and now I think there’s enough to last for a while! Clearly I got the spotted fever…

Pilkkuja ei ole tullut tehtyä hetkeen – mutta nyt on sen verran pilkkuja että luulisi riittävän hetkeksi! Oikea pilkkukuume iski.


For this pink masterpiece I used / Tähän mestariteokseen käytin:

  • Essence Color Boost – Instant Friendship
  • OPI Apartment for Two
  • Kiko 363
  • Lumene Dark Berry/Viinimarja

And a couple of different sized dotting tools, both Essence I think.

But just a note about this new Essence Color Boost -line: it boasts “1 coat & go”, but I have not met a pastel that did not need at least two coats, and this is no exception. I had to put three to get it fully opaque. It was also somewhat streaky – would not recommend.

Sekä tietenkin muutamaa erikokoista pilkkutikkua, molemmat taisivat olla Essencen.

Mutta vielä sananen tästä Essencen uudesta Color Boost -lakasta: se väittää olevansa “1 coat & go”, mutta en ole vielä tavannut pastellilakkaa joka ei vaatisi vähintään kahta kerrosta, eikä tämä ole poikkeus. Tämä vaati kynsilläni kolme kerrosta. Lakka ei myöskään tasoitu itsekseen hyvin, vaan voi jäädä aika raitaisaksi – en suosittele.

Are you a fan of dotticures?

Pidätkö Sinä pilkutuksesta?

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#smooshynailsunday – pink, blue, and dark purple

The Smoosh is upon us again! This weeks prompt was, like the title says, pink, blue, and dark purple. Well, it was periwinkle instead of blue, but I didn’t have the inbetween color. Anyways:

Pink and blue are TonyMoly. They don’t have names on them, but they were from Cotton Candy collection. Purple is Essence Amazed by you.

Dreamy, no? For some reason they make me hungry.

I added some wacky owls, and mattified the result with Lumene Matt top coat:


For some reason, I had near impossible time trying to pick up any images from the plate with black stamping polish and a clear jelly stamper, but with white no problems at all! With black I had to use some super old semi-squishy to get a crisp image. This has happened before, and it mystifies me. If you have any idea what’s going on, feel free to enlighten me.


New Moyou London Alice plates review

I love Alice in Wonderland. I’ve loved since childhood, when my dad used to read it to me, and I’ve read it multiple times since that. I have a book with Tove Jansson’s illustrations, one with Salvador Dali’s illustrations, I have Annotated Alice, and Alice beyond Wonderland.

So you can guess how excited I was, when Moyou London released plates with Tennyson’s original illustrations! I ordered them immediately.

And I tested them immediately:

Moyou London Alice 09
Moyou London Alice 09

They are GORGEOUS. I was a bit skeptical, since the images are very, very detailed, but I was able to pick them up with no trouble! The base is Essence Take a break, a nice creamy off-white, and I stamped with Kiko 275, which turned out to be excellent for stamping. I have been having trouble with my Essence black stamping polish – it dries so fast, I cannot pick up anything with it! Also, it does not work with many of my plates, for reasons unknown. Looks like I’m ditching it in favour of Kiko. Lastly I used Lumene Matt top coat, which is excellent.

I love these. Too bad I had to cut my nails short last week, these will look even better on long nails!

Any other Alice fans?


#smooshynailsunday is here again

So colours for this week were teal, yellow, and silver:

Used Essie Aprés Chic, Essence Love is in the air, and Island Hopping also from Essence

I thought they turned out pretty well! I am getting the hang of this smooshy business.

They were so cute, that I wanted something cute on top of it. And what is cuter than Totoro?


For this, I used Hehe o65 plate, with Essence black and white stamping polishes. The black Totoro turned out fairly demonic… (Mattified with Lumene Matte top coat, again.)

That’s my Sunday! How’s yours? Did you do any smooshing? (if you don’t know what that is, it’s an Instagram challenge, where you get a color scheme every Tuesday. Just search for the #smooshynailsunday tag)

Oh, and for once I took a shot with the bottle also, so forgive me for spamming!


Now back to Fallout 4. Long live the Brotherhood!