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Pink Panth… Leopard Nails

Today I have some leopard print nails to show you (and once again a design I have not done before!).

Tänään on vuorossa taas tyyli, jota en ole kokeillut aiemmin: leopardikynnet.


I didn’t want to do browns and blacks, so I opted for a pink color scheme. If I haven’t mentioned it before, pink is my favorite color! I used Picture Polish Bardot as a base, and spots were done with Paris, from the same brand. I outlined the spots with Moyou London Black Knight – which is starting to run out! Damn it. It’s a good black stamping polish, but I’m not buying more, as I don’t like the bottle. For outlining I used Essence dotting tool.

En halunnut tehdä leopardinpilkkuja perinteisellä ruskealla värimaailmalla, vaan valitsin pinkkejä sävyjä mieluumin. Mikäli en ole aiemmin tätä maininnut, niin voin kertoa että pinkit sävyt ovat sydäntäni lähinnä! Pohjana käytin Picture Polishin Bardotia, ja täplät tein saman merkin Parisilla. Täplät rajasin Moyou Londonin Black Knightilla, joka on surukseni loppumaan päin. Se on hyvä leimalakka, mutta koska pullo on minusta epäkäytännöllinen, en taida ostaa lisää. Rajausvälineenä käytin Essencen pilkkutikkua.


I very much liked these! I had some initial trouble, as I didn’t know what size the dots should be, or how crowded the black line would make them, but after a few practice nails, these were easy to do. Next time I want to try a wilder color scheme!

Näistä tuli kyllä todella mieleiset! Alku oli vähän kankeaa, koska tuskailin täplien koon kanssa, ja sen kuinka paljon mustia rajoja voi laittaa, mutta muutaman harjoituskynnen jälkeen näiden teko oli mukavan helppoa. Ensi kerralla aion tehdä villeimmillä väreillä tämän!

What’s your favorite animal print? Or do you hate them?

Mikä on Sinun lempieläinprinttisi? Vai onko sitä?

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Black and White Unicorns

And finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for: it’s the last clairestelle8 challenge prompt, and it is doodles. I went with unicorns – they are usually done in bright pastels, so doing them in black and white seemed refreshing.

…though these are hardly unicorns. They are fat little horn ponies! Adorable! I used Essence white as a base, stamped with Moyou London Black Knight, and the images are from BM-XL214.

Ja viimein, päivä jota kaikki odottavat: clairestelle8 haasteen viimeinen prompti, ja sehän oli doodles, eli töherrystä? piirustelua? Hiukan hankala suomeksi kääntää. Jokatapauksessa päätin laittaa yksisarvisia – ne kun tehdään yleensä pastellinkirjavina, niin ajatuksena oli että mustavalkoinen toisi hiukan vaihtelua tähän.

…tosin nämä eivät ole yksisarvisia nähneetkään. Ihan paksuja pieniä sarviponeja! Kovin söpöä! Tekemiseen käytin Essencen valkoista, Moyou Londonin Black Knight -leimauslakkaa, ja kuviohan on BM-XL214-laatasta.

Essence White, Moyou London Black Knight, BM-XL214

Here’s a closer look at the thumb, which still has space to display more of the image, even when short.

Tässä vielä peukalossa tarkempi katsaus kuvioon. Tähän kynteen sentään mahtuu vielä, vaikka lyhyt sekin on.


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Glittery Pastel Gradient with Flowers

Today is the first day of the Clairestelle8’s monthly nail challenge (you can see the prompts in the link), and the prompt was.. pastels! I have had a hankering for radial gradient for quite a while now…

Orange, Pink, and Violet from Tony Moly Cotton Candy collection, topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust.

The colors did give me a pause, but in the end I went for soft and warm orange-pink-violet combination. Tony Moly Cotton Candy collection is so perfect for pastel designs.

I added flowers from BM-XL481, which I’ve been dying to put to use. I used Essie’s Penny Talk for nice rose gold flowers. I really love the style in this plate!

BM-XL481, Essie Penny Talk

Next up: hearts! What should I do, hmm…


Peachy Gradient with Flowers

So I got into my head that I wanted to do a subtle gradient for a change. I used Essence I care for you and Moyou London White Knight, and I loved the result! Nudes are tricky for me, since my coloring is so pale – it is difficult to find a shade that is not too brown, or too yellow. This peachy shade is perfect!

Essence I care for you, Moyou London White Knight

I added some flowers from Moyou London Suki-02 plate, using Kiko 496. Kikos are not really meant for stamping, but I’ve found that they work very well for it.

Moyou London Suki-02, Kiko 496

I mattified the result for good measure with Lumene Matt top coat, and I am loving these! I could wear this for days! (pardon the dry nailbeds)

…which I won’t, because #smooshynailsunday is upon us again, which means I have to take these off today in order to have time to do the smooshy. Nooooo! Haha!

Oh well, I’ll just have to do these again, soon. So lovely!

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#smooshynailsunday – blue, orange, violet

So this week’s colors were blue, orange, and violet, and I used all Picture Polish line: Alice, Autumn, and Nemesis:

Picture Polish Alice, Autumn, Nemesis

It turned out a bit messy – maybe due to the amount of scatter holo in Autumn and Alice, but I wanted something sparkly! It’s okay, but not my favourite. Adding anything to this proved impossible, so no add-on this week. Nothing seemed to fit!

It’s probably due to my uninspired-ness lately; I’ve had a headache for past three days, and really not feeling up to anything complicated. Also, there’s a few exam resits next week, and it’s totally stressing me out! Let me tell you, grammar and history of English are not too easy!

But hey! Good news is that I figured out a topic for my bachelor’s thesis! Now I’ll just have to start writing my research proposal…

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#smooshynailsunday – one year anniversary!

So this week #smooshynailsunday is a bit special – it has been going on for one year! The colours chosen to commemorate this were black, white, neon yellow, and shocking pink:

TonyMoly Cotton Candy Collection pink and yellow, Rimmel Black and Picture Polish Bright White

It turned out very impressionistic! I like it! It kinda reminds me of candy:


And to make it extra special, the prompt was to add a topcoat of glitter or something shiny:

With a top coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust

Now, I was meaning to add some stamping, but it did not go very well. It looked a very cold mess, so I didn’t take any pictures and just removed the whole disaster. Oh well, at least I had pictures taken before!

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#watermarblewednesday – Oil Slick Watermarble

This week’s prompt was “oil slick”, and it is THE reason I joined the challenge this month! I had NO idea what an oil slick watermarble was, so I did some digging in Instagram, and it is gorgeous. There weren’t many posts under #oilslickwatermarble, but I did find an awesome tutorial. Most of the pics were rainbow hued, so I decided to use something more subdued:

Polishes used: Kiko 379, 523, and 345.

LOVE. For some reason it kind of looks like aurora borealis. Awesome effect.

I added some China Glaze Fairy Dust on top to make it look more like the night sky:

Topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust

The technique is very easy: you just drop polishes in a cup of water as usual, to form circles, but rather than drawing formations, you dip your finger in the middle of the rings. Then you clean up the surrounding polish and sloooowly begin raising your finger from water. There were few variations to this technique: some did it in a way that they slowly raised the whole finger out of water (the polish slides off, forming these awesome slicks), but the video I used as a instructive method had the nail raised halfway out and then dipped in again. Well, you can see it better in the link above. Easy. Fun. Interesting.

But there is one thing to warn about: use a ton of liquid latex (or “peely stuff”, as it seems to be better known as) because this is messy! When you do more common styles of watermarble, you draw the polishes into formations, and this thins it out – in oil slick, there is a LOT of polish on your finger! So much that it drips off, which makes the effect.

All in all, I will definitely do this again!

Have you tried this technique?