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Redoing an Old Mani – Pink Owls

So the last prompt in clairestelle8 Instagram challenge for April was redoing an old mani, and I knew exactly what I wanted to redo: my first stamping attempt. I had, of course, painted my nails in the past, but this stamping business was something new. Born Pretty plate 54 was actually the first stamping plate I ever bought, and it holds a place in my heart still. The owls are so cute!

Tämän kuukauden viimeinen kynsihaaste clairestelle8 Instagram -haasteessa oli vanhojen kynsien uudelleentekeminen, ja tiesin jo kuukausi sitten mitkä haluaisin tehdä: ensimmäiset ikinä tekemäni leimaukset. Kynsiäni olin lakkaillut melko tiheään ennenkin, mutta tämä leimailu oli uusi juttu. Born Prettyn laatta 54 on itseasiassa ensimmäinen ikinä ostamani laatta, ja sydämeni kyllä sykkii sille vieläkin. Pöllöt ovat vaan niin pirun söpöjä!


Here are the original nails that I did back in, well, almost exactly two years ago. They’re… uhm.. well *I* was proud of them then! Looking back now, I do cringe a bit: quality of picture, those cuticles! Live and learn, indeed!

Tässä sitten ne originaalit kynnet, jotka taiteilin, no, näköjään lähes tismalleen kaksi vuotta sitten. Ne ovat kovin.. miten sen nyt sanoisi.. no olin ainakin silloin kovin ylpeä niistä! Nyt kun katsoo, niin vähän tuo kuvanlaatu ja nuo kynsinauhat ottavat silmiin! Kyllä tässä on jotain oppinut parissa vuodessa!


I really don’t remember what I used for that first mani – I know I don’t have either the pink or white anymore (the pink might have been Lumene). For the recreation I used my latest and bestest pink, OPI’s Apartment for Two, and stamped with the usual White Knight.

En todellakaan muista mitä käytin tuohon ensimmäiseen yritykseen – pinkki saattoi olla Lumenen, mutta kumpaakaan lakkaa ei enää löydy varastoista. Uusintayritykseen käytin viimeisintä lempilakkaani, OPI:n Apartment for Two:ta, ja leimaus tuttuun tapaan White Knightilla.


Question of the day: do you remember your first mani?

Päivän kysymys nyt onkin: muistatko vielä ensimmäisen lakkasi?

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#smooshynailsunday – pink, blue, and dark purple

The Smoosh is upon us again! This weeks prompt was, like the title says, pink, blue, and dark purple. Well, it was periwinkle instead of blue, but I didn’t have the inbetween color. Anyways:

Pink and blue are TonyMoly. They don’t have names on them, but they were from Cotton Candy collection. Purple is Essence Amazed by you.

Dreamy, no? For some reason they make me hungry.

I added some wacky owls, and mattified the result with Lumene Matt top coat:


For some reason, I had near impossible time trying to pick up any images from the plate with black stamping polish and a clear jelly stamper, but with white no problems at all! With black I had to use some super old semi-squishy to get a crisp image. This has happened before, and it mystifies me. If you have any idea what’s going on, feel free to enlighten me.

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It’s the end of the month as we know it

Time to recap the past month! I didn’t really have time to do my own designs, since I participated in the challenge, even though I skipped a few. But here’s all my challenge nails:


These were for clairestelle8challenge on Instagram. I managed to do 6 out of 8 prompts, so I am pleased – downside was that I really did not have time to do my own ideas. I only got to do two of my own, seen here in my monthly mani favourite collage:


So I think I’ll sit out this month’s challenges and do my own thing – especially since I am NOT a huge fan of Halloween, and everyone else seems to be, and my Instagram feed is already full of spiders and cobwebs… Maybe I’ll do anti-Halloween nails. Flowers all month! Hearts and unicorns and all things cute! I did get some of the new blogger collaboration plates from Bundle Monster, which will make an appearance in the blog shortly.

How was your mani month?



So as I mentioned, I’m taking part of the @clairestelle8challenge this month, which means that today  is Owl Day. (It should be every day.)


This owl plate from Born Pretty was actually the very first plate I purchased, back when I started this nail craze, which was maybe a year and a half ago? It is still one of my favourites! It stamps fairly well, though sometimes the images are a bit partial – that may be due to my technique, in all fairness.

Products used: Cadillacquer Lights will guide you, Essence Yummiiii!, Essie Good as Gold, BP-54

Now, I have two regrets:

  1. Flecks of gold in Lights will guide you do not show up in the picture. Stupid lighting.
  2. Next prompt in the challenge is “gold”. And I just used gold. Damn it. I will have to figure out something else.

Other than that, owls are always cute!