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Mamamoo nails

I like South Korean pop. I really do. And Mamamoo is one of my favourite groups! They just came out with a new single, Décalcomanie, and there was one thing that really, really caught my eye: Solar’s nails. I thought they looked super sophisticated, cool, and retro. So I tried my hand at doing them:

Essie Sugar Daddy, Rimmel Black

I am not quite sure if the base was a sheer nude or more beig-y, but I opted for three coats of Essie Sugar Daddy, which gave me a nice half-sheer finish. For dots I simply used a black polish from Rimmel, which is not a one-coater usually, but worked for the look I had in mind. I am totally loving this look!

Here’s the music video I took inspiration from. You can see Solar’s nails at 3.37. She is the one in the elevator.


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It’s the end of the month as we know it

Time to recap the past month! I didn’t really have time to do my own designs, since I participated in the challenge, even though I skipped a few. But here’s all my challenge nails:


These were for clairestelle8challenge on Instagram. I managed to do 6 out of 8 prompts, so I am pleased – downside was that I really did not have time to do my own ideas. I only got to do two of my own, seen here in my monthly mani favourite collage:


So I think I’ll sit out this month’s challenges and do my own thing – especially since I am NOT a huge fan of Halloween, and everyone else seems to be, and my Instagram feed is already full of spiders and cobwebs… Maybe I’ll do anti-Halloween nails. Flowers all month! Hearts and unicorns and all things cute! I did get some of the new blogger collaboration plates from Bundle Monster, which will make an appearance in the blog shortly.

How was your mani month?


My poor nails!

So the nail on my middle finger broke the other day. It broke flat off and no tea bag tricks would help, so now I’m stuck with shorter nails for a while. What to do, what to do… nailart wise. My nails flake and break off really easily if I’m not wearing nail polish, so I added Opi Be there in a prosecco as an emergency measure.

Nice and plain.

Then I thought of @nailsbymedrek‘s nails that I liked on Instagram few days ago, and got inspired. They were cute and kind of retro! I recreated the look with different colours, but tried to keep the retro look.

Flowers were done with Kiko 496, 483, and 534.

As a top coat I used Rimmel’s Finishing touch, which unfortunately spread the colors slightly on some nails… but it’s barely noticeable!

What do you think?