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Flowers for My Valentine

I know I said last Sunday’s smooshy nails would double as flowers for today’s challenge prompt, but I just can’t let things be! I wanted to do flowers, so flowers it is.

Base is Illyrian Polish In This Twilight, and on top of that I double stamped with Moyou London’s White Knight and Candy Floss and then I mattified it with Lumene Matt Top Coat (which is rapidly running out – must buy more). The image is from BM-XL216.

It turned out to have a bit of eye watering effect!img_20170207_120400

And here’s a look at In This Twilight before stamping – on its own it’s extremely sheer, and three coats won’t make it even near opaque, so I used Essence Whisper of Spring as a base to which I added two coats of ITT. I feel like it looks like butterfly wings or dragon scales? In any case, it definitely has a pretty effect, even more so in real life. Next time I think I’ll use a white base, I think it would suit this polish too.

Illyrian Polish In This Twilight
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Galaxy Nails + Illyrian Polish The Stars Review

I ended up trying out The Stars first from my Illyrian Polish loot. With a name like that, it obviously made a great base for galaxy nails! These are my first galaxy nails – why haven’t I done them before? I’ve loved so many galaxy manis on Instagram it’s insane.

Anyways, they turned out great for a first try!

Galaxy Nails

Btw, I suck at free hand art. The “stars” are a bit wonky. I suppose it’s due to lack of practise.

I used so many polishes for this, haha!

  • Illyrian Polish The Stars
  • F.U.N Lacquer Illusion
  • F.U.N Lacquer Unicorn Island
  • a england Let Me In
  • a england Cathy
  • Picture Polish Cosmos
  • Picure Polish Lakodom
  • Moyou London White Knight

I didn’t use all of them on all nails; it’s more of a mix and match. One learns as one goes on! For tools I used simply few little cut up pieces of a make up sponge, and a dotting tool.

If you’re looking for easy nail art to do, I definitely recommend this – just pat some color on and then some different color on top of it (keep going until it looks pretty to you), add a few dots, and you’re done! Now I wish I’d taken some pictures of the process to show you, but no such luck. I was too engrossed xd.

Here’s a picture of the base: the background seems a bit yellow in it, but I had to tweak it a but to bring out the real hue. The Stars is so blue, it’s nearly… green? The holoflakes shine so prettily in the light!

Illyrian Polish The Stars

How do you like it?

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F.U.N Lacquer New Year 2017 Collection

So I went a bit crazy. I saw this collection on Instagram and it just hit me: I must have it. I’m not even exactly sure what it was about it! I rarely buy full collections, since it would get very expensive, and there’s always some shades I don’t like.. but this was a hit. I could instantly think of a half dozen nail designs.

F.U.N Lacquer New Year 2017 Collection

Here’s one of them!

F.U.N Lacquer Magic Stone, Unicorn Island, Evening Gown

I love gradients, so it was an obvious first choice. I didn’t do anything special, this was more of a testing the polishes out. And they delivered. It did take quite a few spongings, since the polishes are jelly-type, but hey, what I would not do for gradients! Oh and this is way more rainbow-shifting-holographic-goodness-y in real life, I loved this so much!

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Moo Moo’s Signatures Fire Rooster and Chang-E review

So the Moon festival is long gone and Chinese New Year is still to come, but I could not wait to try these nail polishes from Moo Moo’s Signatures! Who cares about seasonality!

First up is the lovely Fire Rooster. Now, I’m a metal rooster myself, but I could take this as my signature colour.

Moo Moo’s Signatures Fire Rooster

It’s a great red. I love reds and pinks and purples and everything. I think the description said that it has a bit of green flakies in it, but honestly I could not see it. This is red with golden holo.


It’s a gorgeous, wearable red! I will find much use for it. Two easily applied layers.

Next up is Chang-E, which is part of the Legend of the Moon Goddess line:

Moo Moo’s Signatures Chang-E

The name is based on the myth of the Moon Goddess, which I love. I always love names with meaning or story behind it! And the colour is one of my favourites. Here in Finland we call this shade in general “marjapuuro”, literally translated as berry porridge. Here’s the shade:


Pretty close, no?


This is two coats – and ignore the nick in my middle finger, I applied this the day before taking the picture, and obviously I bumped it somewhere. Also, winter season is so dry, that every scratch leaves a mark, as you can see. I didn’t even notice that scratch.

But I really love the color – it reminds me of F.U.N Lacquers Daydream, which I loved too! I’m a sucker for this shade, I admit.

What nail polish name is your favourite? Do you pay attention?

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Moo Moo’s Garden of Eden

I have a confession to make: I bought Moo Moo’s Signatures’ Garden of Eden purely because of the description:

Moo Moo still can’t forget about the paradise after reading some books about it from library.

(the review is at the end of this post, I’ll ramble a bit first)

MooMoo Signature’s Garden of Eden

It got me thinking: which books exactly did Moo Moo read? Because, as it happens, I am supposed to be writing a course diary right now with the theme of Garden of Eden. Maybe we read the same books! Let’s guess wildly!

Bible would be the first choice, I suppose. That’s where it all began. Now this was not a required read on my Literary Landscapes course, but I do know the basics. Cradle of humanity, paradise where all animals lived in peace with each other, and humans ruined it all. Serpent and Eve, everyone knows this story. With the infamous bite, we lost the eteranal life and gained wisdom. I always thought this was a bit dubious: why did wisdom mean that they started wearing clothes? Was it a symbol for progression? Why is innonce nakedness?

Biblical version of the Garden is also depicting possibly the real Jerusalem, or the promised land. This might be one and the same, since what Jesus (or whatever his name was) fought for was the actual, real promised land, on earth. He wasn’t talking about Heaven, but real land for Jews. Divine garden of Zion was also called Jerusalem. It gets a bit confusing. Maybe that is why Moo Moo can’t stop thinking about it?

Green holo with tiny green flakies and shimmer. Part of Fantasy Winterland Collection.

From religious texts to fan fiction: John Milton’s Paradise Lost. His Paradise is a wild, hostile place:

So on he fares, and to the border comes
Of Eden, where delicious Paradise,
Now nearer, Crowns with her enclosure green,
As with a rural mound the champain head
Of a steep wilderness, whose hairie sides     
With thicket overgrown, grottesque and wilde,
Access deni’d; and over head up grew
Insuperable highth of loftiest shade,
Cedar, and Pine, and Firr, and branching Palm

This is where Satan at first looks upon Eden. It’s protected by wilderness, overgrown and grotesque, as if to make outsiders feel unwelcome. Which Satan of course is, the poor thing. I always found Milton’s Prince of Hell quite a sympathetic character. What did Moo Moo think about him?


But this is all quite bleak. So… maybe all Moo Moo wants is a vacation? Garden of Eden is an actual place, after all, and Tigris and Euphrates still exist. (There’s some debate about Pishon and Gihon) Things are a bit… hectic in Iraq, Syria and Turkey at the moment though. Don’t go there, Moo Moo! There are nicer countries! Coasts of the Black Sea are nice, I hear.

Okay, this gets wilder by the minute! Maybe we should get back to polish review: I’m not usually one for green polishes, especially this near to Christmas. At first glance, the polish looked a basic fir tree green, but when one takes a closer look, it gets interesting! There’s tiny flakies and shimmer, and sometimes it looks darker, like it’s near black just beneath the surface. The holo is very subtle and nice. All the pictures are two coats with a top coat, which was plenty for good coverage. The formula was nice too. Turns out I like this! How about you?