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Smooshy Nail Sunday – Pink, Purple, and Peach

Long time no see, #smooshynailsunday! This week’s colors were pink, holo purple, and peach, and well… you had me at pink.

Pitkästä aikaa on #smooshynailsundayn vuoro! Tämän viikon väreinä olivat pinkki, holovioletti, ja persikka, ja no. Luin vain sanan pink ja oli selvää että tämä tehdään.

quietlymadblog smooshynailsunday pink purple and peach

I realized I haven’t done pink nails in this month at all. What on earth? This had to be remedied!

Tajusin muuten etten ole tässä kuussa vielä pinkkejä kynsiä vielä tehnytkään – mitä ihmettä? Tilanne oli korjattava!

quietlymadblog smooshynailsunday pink purple and peach 1

Besides, I also love purple, and especially this purple, which is my favorite. MooMoo’s Signatures Singing a Texas Lullaby is a gorgeous holo purple!

Sitäpaitsi, olen myös suuri violetin ystävä. Etenkin tämän violetin, joka sattuu olemaan lempparini. MooMoo’s Signaturesin Singing a Texas Lullaby on todella kaunis holovioletti!

quietlymadblog smooshynailsunday pink purple and peach 2

You can tell I’ve been missing pink when I tell you that pink on pink is a fantastic idea. Of course it is!

Pinkinkaipuuni tulee varmaan selväksi, kun kerron että pinkki sopii todella hyvin yhteen pinkin kanssa. Tottakai se sopii!

quietlymadblog smooshynailsunday pink purple and peach 3

I mean, this turned out quite fantastic! I was delighted to discover that my nails are at the length where this particular stamping image fits them perfectly. (I also discovered that I really need a new clear stamper, but that’s another story)

Näistä tulikin kyllä aika mahtavat! Olin erityisen mielissäni kun huomasin että kynteni ovat juuri sopivan mittaiset tähän kuvioon. (Huomasin myös että voisin tarvita uuden leimasimen, mutta se on asia erikseen)

quietlymadblog smooshynailsunday pink purplepeach 5

Obviously I mattified it with Ella+Mila Matte-ly in Love top coat. One can’t leave perfection alone because it can be more perfect!

Ja tottakai mattasin sen Ella+Mila Matte-ly in Love -päällyslakalla. Täydellisyyttä voi aina parannella!

quietlymadblog smooshynailsunday pink purple and peach 4

Here’s what I used / Käyttämäni tuotteet:

  • OPI Apartment for Two
  • We Care Fashion Nails True Flamingo (the name is a bit.. what? as far as I know, flamingos aren’t peach! / nimi on vähän.. harhaanjohtava? Flamingot eivät tietääkseni ole oransseja!)
  • MooMoo’s Signatures Singing a Texas Lullaby
  • Ya Qin An Pink stamping polish
  • Moyou London Doodles 01
  • Ella+Mila Matte-ly in Love (not pictured / ei kuvassa)

That’s it! How do you like them?

Tälläistä tänään! Mitä tykkäätte?





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Smooshy Nail Sunday – Red, Pink, Yellow, and Beige

This Sunday I had a bit more successful smoosh! I wasn’t sure about the combo at first – yellow and red? With beige, of all things? But happily it turned out okay:

Moo Moo’s Signatures Fire Rooster, Chang-E, Tony Moly Cotton Candy Yellow, OPI Be There in a Prosecco

The result reminded me of ice cream! As kids, we used to eat these tricolor ice cream packets, and when it melted a bit in the bowl, it looked a bit like this.

Konad red stamping polish, Hehe plate 088

I added some flowers for good measure. This is actually my entry for clairestelle8’s monthly challenge for 11th of this month: the prompt is “flowers”. So you get to see these first and don’t tell anyone I’m multipurposing my nail art! These will go up on Instagram on the 11th, right on schedule *wink*.

Oh, and a shout out to Moyou London’s Smudge-resistant Top Coat! I tested it out with the Konad red stamping polish, because I know it stains and spreads LIKE MAD, if I’m not careful. Not one smudge, and I used the top coat literally right after stamping! It takes slightly longer to dry than quick dry top coats, but if you’re worried about spreading, I can recommend this. And who says you can’t add a quick dry top coat on top of this?

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#smooshynailsunday – blue, orange, violet

So this week’s colors were blue, orange, and violet, and I used all Picture Polish line: Alice, Autumn, and Nemesis:

Picture Polish Alice, Autumn, Nemesis

It turned out a bit messy – maybe due to the amount of scatter holo in Autumn and Alice, but I wanted something sparkly! It’s okay, but not my favourite. Adding anything to this proved impossible, so no add-on this week. Nothing seemed to fit!

It’s probably due to my uninspired-ness lately; I’ve had a headache for past three days, and really not feeling up to anything complicated. Also, there’s a few exam resits next week, and it’s totally stressing me out! Let me tell you, grammar and history of English are not too easy!

But hey! Good news is that I figured out a topic for my bachelor’s thesis! Now I’ll just have to start writing my research proposal…

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#smooshynailsunday – one year anniversary!

So this week #smooshynailsunday is a bit special – it has been going on for one year! The colours chosen to commemorate this were black, white, neon yellow, and shocking pink:

TonyMoly Cotton Candy Collection pink and yellow, Rimmel Black and Picture Polish Bright White

It turned out very impressionistic! I like it! It kinda reminds me of candy:


And to make it extra special, the prompt was to add a topcoat of glitter or something shiny:

With a top coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust

Now, I was meaning to add some stamping, but it did not go very well. It looked a very cold mess, so I didn’t take any pictures and just removed the whole disaster. Oh well, at least I had pictures taken before!

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#smooshynailsunday – pink, blue, and dark purple

The Smoosh is upon us again! This weeks prompt was, like the title says, pink, blue, and dark purple. Well, it was periwinkle instead of blue, but I didn’t have the inbetween color. Anyways:

Pink and blue are TonyMoly. They don’t have names on them, but they were from Cotton Candy collection. Purple is Essence Amazed by you.

Dreamy, no? For some reason they make me hungry.

I added some wacky owls, and mattified the result with Lumene Matt top coat:


For some reason, I had near impossible time trying to pick up any images from the plate with black stamping polish and a clear jelly stamper, but with white no problems at all! With black I had to use some super old semi-squishy to get a crisp image. This has happened before, and it mystifies me. If you have any idea what’s going on, feel free to enlighten me.

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First post of the year

My end of the year was such a nail fail, haha! After Xmas I just stopped caring, and barely put on any nail care polishes – and even those I let flake off and snap. Xmas was so busy, and after that there was my birthday and going out and staying in and whatnot… I just could not bother.

Not even when I got engaged on New Year’s Eve. There must have been something wrong with me. (no ring yet)

So today I’ll just leave you with a small summary of last year’s and last month’s manis. Tomorrow I’ll be posting again, since I decided to take part in #watermarblewednesday again! January had some interesting prompts, and I really need to practise my watermarble! As you’ll see tomorrow…

My most liked posts on Instagram last year:


And #monthlymanifavourites for December:


Remember to follow me on Instagram, if you want to see all my nail pics!

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#smooshynailsunday – blue, silver, and bronze

This week has gone by so fast, I barely had time to do this prompt! I wanted to, because I thought the result would be interesting, but.. hmm. It does not look like I imagined it would.


I used Essie Aprés-chic, Kiko 521, and bronze glitter from Etude House Princess Happy Ending Jasmine set. I think I went too metallic with the colours? It looks a bit frozen. Bit annoying, but then again, smooshynailsundays are for experimenting with colours.

I added some stamping:


Turtles? Why turtles, you might ask. It’s because I had a cool turtle plate, OBVIOUSLY. That and the fact that I just did snowflakes last Tuesday. Tribal Turtles for the win! Ooh. That could be a thing!

And I’ve actually had turtles on my mind lately. I’m neck-deep in my course diary, and I’ve been talking about Garden of Eden, and that got me thinking about Darwin and Galapagos islands and dragons and could it also be a Garden of Eden, as he thought life started there? So turtles and dragons and sea and rocky islands have been floating in my head.

Thank Gosh this semester will be over soon.