Snowflake nails

So it’s my birthday tomorrow, and I’m SICK. I think? I keep sneezing and I feel quite bad, but NOT AS BAD as when I’m usually really sick. Maybe this’ll pass..

So you understand why I’m not quite up to doing fancy nails. There is just zero inspiration. I wanted something pink, so I went with F.U.N Lacquer’s Daydream (gorgeous), and then I was like, MEH, let’s go with snowflakes.

F.U.N Lacquer Daydream, Moyou Black and White Knight, image from QA58

But then later today, I went to get the post, and lo and behold: my order from Bundle Monster had arrived. I got two plates from the new Winter Kingdom collection, and of course there is snowflakes on one of them. Maybe I should redo my nails? Even MORE snowflakes! It IS a lovely plate, the snowflakes are flowery and cute… you’ll see in a few days!


Celestial animals

I love Gravity. I was so lucky to snatch it on a good price in a Facebook second hand nail polish market group (gosh that’s a long description. But it’s in Finnish so I had to translate – and it’s only one word in Finnish)! All the polishes are so gorgeous in the collection it belongs to.. Stupid Limited Editions, why are you limited? I was not so into nail art and polishes back in 2014 u.u. Picture Polish should bring them back!

ANYWAYS. Gravity is a “top coat”, meaning you layer it on top of darker polish, in my case Kiko’s black. The pictures show two coats:

Picture Polish Gravity

I just love the color shift, don’t you?


It is like winter sky at night. Darkest time of the year is on us.

And of course I wanted to ruin it with stamping.

 Images from Moyou London Animal 12

I think I went a bit too glittery with Essie’s Apres-chic, IF that is possible. The theme in my head was “celestial animals”. Moyou London just released these animal plate series, I instantly grapped this one: I’m a sucker for Slavic influence. They remind me of the Russian fairytales I read as a child..


I need a plainer silver stamping polish, though. That glitter gets everywhere!

nails · smooshynailsunday

#smooshynailsunday – blue, silver, and bronze

This week has gone by so fast, I barely had time to do this prompt! I wanted to, because I thought the result would be interesting, but.. hmm. It does not look like I imagined it would.


I used Essie Aprés-chic, Kiko 521, and bronze glitter from Etude House Princess Happy Ending Jasmine set. I think I went too metallic with the colours? It looks a bit frozen. Bit annoying, but then again, smooshynailsundays are for experimenting with colours.

I added some stamping:


Turtles? Why turtles, you might ask. It’s because I had a cool turtle plate, OBVIOUSLY. That and the fact that I just did snowflakes last Tuesday. Tribal Turtles for the win! Ooh. That could be a thing!

And I’ve actually had turtles on my mind lately. I’m neck-deep in my course diary, and I’ve been talking about Garden of Eden, and that got me thinking about Darwin and Galapagos islands and dragons and could it also be a Garden of Eden, as he thought life started there? So turtles and dragons and sea and rocky islands have been floating in my head.

Thank Gosh this semester will be over soon.


Independence Day Nails

It’s  the 99th Independence Day here in Finland, so I thought I’d do some thematic nails. Our flag colours are blue and white, and it’s winter, so that makes it… snowflakes? Yes. I added some flakes in silver too, to spice it up:


I used: Essence I ❤ my blue jeans (the best dark blue there is), Moyou London White knight, Essie Apres-chic, with images from QA58. The stamping was super easy and images are so crisp!


nails · smooshynailsunday

Yet another #smooshynailsunday

This weeks #smooshynailsunday prompt was red, teal, and metallic purple. After a bit of thought I ended up doing it with all Essie line-up: Maki me happy, Naughty nautical, and Frock’n’roll. Honestly, Maki me happy was a bad idea, it stains like mad when given a chance, so it should be used with care… so don’t look to closely on my cuticles!


This alone was a fairly busy-looking, I thought, so I added only some simple stamping (image is from Moyou London Circus 06):


I used Essie Good as gold for stamping. I think this is the closest I will get to Christmassy nails! Quite festive, don’t you think?


New Moyou London Alice plates review

I love Alice in Wonderland. I’ve loved since childhood, when my dad used to read it to me, and I’ve read it multiple times since that. I have a book with Tove Jansson’s illustrations, one with Salvador Dali’s illustrations, I have Annotated Alice, and Alice beyond Wonderland.

So you can guess how excited I was, when Moyou London released plates with Tennyson’s original illustrations! I ordered them immediately.

And I tested them immediately:

Moyou London Alice 09
Moyou London Alice 09

They are GORGEOUS. I was a bit skeptical, since the images are very, very detailed, but I was able to pick them up with no trouble! The base is Essence Take a break, a nice creamy off-white, and I stamped with Kiko 275, which turned out to be excellent for stamping. I have been having trouble with my Essence black stamping polish – it dries so fast, I cannot pick up anything with it! Also, it does not work with many of my plates, for reasons unknown. Looks like I’m ditching it in favour of Kiko. Lastly I used Lumene Matt top coat, which is excellent.

I love these. Too bad I had to cut my nails short last week, these will look even better on long nails!

Any other Alice fans?