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Smooshy Nail Sunday – Green, Light Green, Yellow

Like the title says, this week’s smooshy colors were quite spring-y! I’m not usually a fan of green and yellow – and I have only like, one of each colour, for emergencies – but I figured to give it a shot. Anything to avoid doing my bachelor’s thesis! I’ve been swamped in philosophical hell lately, and let me tell you: not fun. But here is the result!

Kuten otsikosta näkyy, tämän viikon smooshyvärit olivat keväiset vihreä, vaalean vihreä, ja keltainen. En yleensä pidä vihreästä tai keltaisesta kynsilakoissa – varastoissa on yksi kumpaakin väriä hätätapauksia varten – mutta ajattelin nyt kokeilla. Mitä tahansa muuta kuin kandidaatin tutkielman tekoa! Olen ollut filosofiahelvetissä viime aikoina sen tiimoilta, ja sanonpa vaan että ei niin kivaa. Mutta nyt kynsiin!


Polishes used/Käytetyt lakat: Essie Mint Candy Apple, an unnamed green, Tony Moly Cotton Candy Yellow.


The result was kind of dominatingly green, so I went with a forest theme on stamping. The images are from Moyou London Animal 12, and I stamped with the brand’s own It’s a Date! – a glimmering mid-brown. The pointer is kind of pebbly, because obviously I messed one nail up and redid it half-assedly. So pro.

Smooshyn tulos oli aika dominoivan vihreä, joten metsäteema kutsui. Kuviot ovat Moyou Londonin Animal 12 -laatasta, ja leimasin saman merkin It’s a Date! -lakalla, joka on jokseenkin kimalteleva keskiruskea. Etusormi sai osumaa kuivumisvaiheessa, joten se on vähän… tekstuurinen, koska korjasin sen turhan puolihuolimattomasti. Ammattilaisuuteen vielä matkaa, kenties.



Here’s the last shot with Essie – still the best mint there is. Enjoy your Sunday!

Viimeinen kuva Essien kanssa, joka on edelleen se paras mintun värinen lakka. Mukavaa sunnuntaita!

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Smooshy Nail Sunday – Red, Pink, Yellow, and Beige

This Sunday I had a bit more successful smoosh! I wasn’t sure about the combo at first – yellow and red? With beige, of all things? But happily it turned out okay:

Moo Moo’s Signatures Fire Rooster, Chang-E, Tony Moly Cotton Candy Yellow, OPI Be There in a Prosecco

The result reminded me of ice cream! As kids, we used to eat these tricolor ice cream packets, and when it melted a bit in the bowl, it looked a bit like this.

Konad red stamping polish, Hehe plate 088

I added some flowers for good measure. This is actually my entry for clairestelle8’s monthly challenge for 11th of this month: the prompt is “flowers”. So you get to see these first and don’t tell anyone I’m multipurposing my nail art! These will go up on Instagram on the 11th, right on schedule *wink*.

Oh, and a shout out to Moyou London’s Smudge-resistant Top Coat! I tested it out with the Konad red stamping polish, because I know it stains and spreads LIKE MAD, if I’m not careful. Not one smudge, and I used the top coat literally right after stamping! It takes slightly longer to dry than quick dry top coats, but if you’re worried about spreading, I can recommend this. And who says you can’t add a quick dry top coat on top of this?

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Glittery Pastel Gradient with Flowers

Today is the first day of the Clairestelle8’s monthly nail challenge (you can see the prompts in the link), and the prompt was.. pastels! I have had a hankering for radial gradient for quite a while now…

Orange, Pink, and Violet from Tony Moly Cotton Candy collection, topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust.

The colors did give me a pause, but in the end I went for soft and warm orange-pink-violet combination. Tony Moly Cotton Candy collection is so perfect for pastel designs.

I added flowers from BM-XL481, which I’ve been dying to put to use. I used Essie’s Penny Talk for nice rose gold flowers. I really love the style in this plate!

BM-XL481, Essie Penny Talk

Next up: hearts! What should I do, hmm…

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#smooshynailsunday – pink, blue, and dark purple

The Smoosh is upon us again! This weeks prompt was, like the title says, pink, blue, and dark purple. Well, it was periwinkle instead of blue, but I didn’t have the inbetween color. Anyways:

Pink and blue are TonyMoly. They don’t have names on them, but they were from Cotton Candy collection. Purple is Essence Amazed by you.

Dreamy, no? For some reason they make me hungry.

I added some wacky owls, and mattified the result with Lumene Matt top coat:


For some reason, I had near impossible time trying to pick up any images from the plate with black stamping polish and a clear jelly stamper, but with white no problems at all! With black I had to use some super old semi-squishy to get a crisp image. This has happened before, and it mystifies me. If you have any idea what’s going on, feel free to enlighten me.