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Watermarble Wednesday – Over a Black Base

So today I tried two new watermarbling techniques: the pattern is one I have not tried before, and also I did it also over a black base – with quite decent results!

Tänään tuli testattua kahta uutta vesimarmorointijuttua: ensinnäkin, en ole ennen tehnyt tälläistä kuviota, ja toisekseen, tein sen mustan pohjan päälle. Näistä tulikin aika hienot!


Usually I struggle to align the patterns in the same way in each nail, but I think this time it was a strength. It’s kinda fun that no two nails are alike! (also, apologies for the odd blue hue in the picture – these are actually black and white, but lighting conditions were less than optimal)

Normaalisti kiroaisin sitä kuinka vaikeaa on saada samanlainen kuvio jokaiseen kynteen, mutta tässä se on oikeastaan vain hyvä asia. (anteeksi kuvan kumma sinisävyisyys – kynnet ovat oikeasti mustavalkoiset, mutta kuvausolosuhteet eivät olleet tällä kertaa täysin suotuisat)


I think the thumb turned out best.

Mielestäni peukalo onnnistui parhaiten.


I used/käytin:

  • Moyou London Black Knight
  • Sinful Colors Snow Me White
  • Essence clear polish

Have you tried new things lately?

Oletko Sinä kokeillut uusia asioita viime aikoina?

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Watermarble Wednesday – Blue Flowers

Today I have some blue watermarble flowers to show you. I have admired this style on Instagram for a long time, and now I finally mustered the courage to try them out myself! And they turned out great, if I say so myself!

Tänään on vuorossa sinisiä kukkia vesimarmorointitekniikalla. Olen jo pidemmän aikaa ihaillut tätä tyyliä Instagramissa, ja sain nyt viimein rohkaistua itseäni kokeilemaan sitä! Ja tuli muuten pirun hyvät, vaikka itse sanonkin!


As you can see, I still have some trouble with the placement – honest, I don’t know how people get them always aligned properly in every finger. The alignment tends to be slightly off when I’m doing them.

Kuten näkyy, kuvion sijoittelu tuottaa vielä vähän ongelmia – en oikeasti tiedä miten muut saavat kuvion jokaiseen sormeen tismalleen samanlaisena. Kun minä teen, niin se on aina melkein mutta ei ihan.


Here are the polishes I used/Lakat joita käytin:

  • Wild & Mild Alaska (as a base/pohjalakkana)
  • OPI Keeping Suzy at Bay
  • OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook
  • OPI Gelato on My Mind
  • Sinful Colors Snow Me White


And I added a coat of China Glaze’s Fairy Dust, to give it sparkle!

Viimeiseksi lisäsin kerroksen China Glazen Fairy Dustia säihkettä tuomaan!


And I had to take a picture of work in progress, ‘cos that’s just so pretty.

Ja piti ihan kynsien laiton lomassa napata kuva kupista, koska se nyt vaan oli niin kaunista katsottavaa.

Have a nice day everyone!

Ihanaa päivänjatkoa kaikille!

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Quick January recap and plans for February

So another month has passed and we’re into February! I thought I’d do a quick recap, show my favourite manis and one smooshy that did not make it’s way into the blog…

First of all, here are my favourites from January:

January’s favorite nails

These are my personal favorites – if I did a collage according to Instagram likes, it would be almost all smooshynailsunday creations, those seem to get the most! I wanted a bit of variation, though. I think I liked the peachy gradient with flowers best. Did you have a favorite?

…and speaking of smooshies, this one I only showed on Instagram, because I did not really like it, and I didn’t add any decorations. It actually looks a lot better in pictures; in real life it was just a vomit-hued mess! Some smooshies look great, some don’t, and this was definitely in the latter category.

Smooshed mess

In February I am going to try to do Clairestelle8’s monthly challenge, since the prompts are not scary! I’m not a big Valentine’s Day fan though, so I might go into a bit of anti-Valentine’s with them…

Are you a Valentine’s Day person?

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#watermarblewednesday – Oil Slick Watermarble

This week’s prompt was “oil slick”, and it is THE reason I joined the challenge this month! I had NO idea what an oil slick watermarble was, so I did some digging in Instagram, and it is gorgeous. There weren’t many posts under #oilslickwatermarble, but I did find an awesome tutorial. Most of the pics were rainbow hued, so I decided to use something more subdued:

Polishes used: Kiko 379, 523, and 345.

LOVE. For some reason it kind of looks like aurora borealis. Awesome effect.

I added some China Glaze Fairy Dust on top to make it look more like the night sky:

Topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust

The technique is very easy: you just drop polishes in a cup of water as usual, to form circles, but rather than drawing formations, you dip your finger in the middle of the rings. Then you clean up the surrounding polish and sloooowly begin raising your finger from water. There were few variations to this technique: some did it in a way that they slowly raised the whole finger out of water (the polish slides off, forming these awesome slicks), but the video I used as a instructive method had the nail raised halfway out and then dipped in again. Well, you can see it better in the link above. Easy. Fun. Interesting.

But there is one thing to warn about: use a ton of liquid latex (or “peely stuff”, as it seems to be better known as) because this is messy! When you do more common styles of watermarble, you draw the polishes into formations, and this thins it out – in oil slick, there is a LOT of polish on your finger! So much that it drips off, which makes the effect.

All in all, I will definitely do this again!

Have you tried this technique?

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Rainbow Starburst Watermarble

I feel like the title of this post should be like, the name of my super secret awesome power in my signature anime, that I whip out when bad guys are having the upper hand, and it totally turns the tables! With a semi-pornographic morphing scene, of course.

It’s a mouthful.

Here it is anyways:

Used a bunch of Kiko nail polishes, what on earth were they?

Okay, so I need practise xd. Admittedly though, this is my first time doing starburst pattern, so I’m not perfect with it yet. Who of us is?

The colours are a bit.. psychedelic! I used primary colors, or as close to them as I could get: yellow, orange, red, dark blue and green. But in all, this was easier than I thought, even as my starburst is not perfect. I am trying not to be perfect. It’s a thing.