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#watermarblewednesday – Oil Slick Watermarble

This week’s prompt was “oil slick”, and it is THE reason I joined the challenge this month! I had NO idea what an oil slick watermarble was, so I did some digging in Instagram, and it is gorgeous. There weren’t many posts under #oilslickwatermarble, but I did find an awesome tutorial. Most of the pics were rainbow hued, so I decided to use something more subdued:

Polishes used: Kiko 379, 523, and 345.

LOVE. For some reason it kind of looks like aurora borealis. Awesome effect.

I added some China Glaze Fairy Dust on top to make it look more like the night sky:

Topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust

The technique is very easy: you just drop polishes in a cup of water as usual, to form circles, but rather than drawing formations, you dip your finger in the middle of the rings. Then you clean up the surrounding polish and sloooowly begin raising your finger from water. There were few variations to this technique: some did it in a way that they slowly raised the whole finger out of water (the polish slides off, forming these awesome slicks), but the video I used as a instructive method had the nail raised halfway out and then dipped in again. Well, you can see it better in the link above. Easy. Fun. Interesting.

But there is one thing to warn about: use a ton of liquid latex (or “peely stuff”, as it seems to be better known as) because this is messy! When you do more common styles of watermarble, you draw the polishes into formations, and this thins it out – in oil slick, there is a LOT of polish on your finger! So much that it drips off, which makes the effect.

All in all, I will definitely do this again!

Have you tried this technique?


Golden snowflakes

Okay, so today I will present to you my LEAST favourite nail polish of the moment. Cadillacquer’s Julia:

Cadillacquer Julia

Looks pretty, no? Well looks can be DECEIVING. Julia is a quite sheer cream off-white, with golden shimmer and small flakes. The trouble with Julia is that it requires four layers to be almost completely opaque. FOUR x.x. That’s a pain in the ass. And because there are so many layers, the shimmer and the flakes also pile up. If you google swatches of Julia, you’ll see quite ethereal and angelic whites, but I honestly suspect that those swatchers have sponged a layer of Julia on top of a white polish.. Cos my efforts have never looked like that. It’s either that or photomanipulation. Or both.

I want to like this, I do, but I can’t. The idea is cute, and the excution not so cute.

I topped it off with the previously-mentioned new Bundle Monster snowflake plate, with Essie’s Good as gold (now there’s a trustworthy polish. For stamping. Metallics are awful for full nail application).


It’s a cute plate, and a very busy-looking one, too. It’s a nice design though! And time-appropriate as well, since we now finally have snow. And cold. Today was 20 degrees below, and I had to do grocery shopping. It was not nice!


Snowflake nails

So it’s my birthday tomorrow, and I’m SICK. I think? I keep sneezing and I feel quite bad, but NOT AS BAD as when I’m usually really sick. Maybe this’ll pass..

So you understand why I’m not quite up to doing fancy nails. There is just zero inspiration. I wanted something pink, so I went with F.U.N Lacquer’s Daydream (gorgeous), and then I was like, MEH, let’s go with snowflakes.

F.U.N Lacquer Daydream, Moyou Black and White Knight, image from QA58

But then later today, I went to get the post, and lo and behold: my order from Bundle Monster had arrived. I got two plates from the new Winter Kingdom collection, and of course there is snowflakes on one of them. Maybe I should redo my nails? Even MORE snowflakes! It IS a lovely plate, the snowflakes are flowery and cute… you’ll see in a few days!


Celestial animals

I love Gravity. I was so lucky to snatch it on a good price in a Facebook second hand nail polish market group (gosh that’s a long description. But it’s in Finnish so I had to translate – and it’s only one word in Finnish)! All the polishes are so gorgeous in the collection it belongs to.. Stupid Limited Editions, why are you limited? I was not so into nail art and polishes back in 2014 u.u. Picture Polish should bring them back!

ANYWAYS. Gravity is a “top coat”, meaning you layer it on top of darker polish, in my case Kiko’s black. The pictures show two coats:

Picture Polish Gravity

I just love the color shift, don’t you?


It is like winter sky at night. Darkest time of the year is on us.

And of course I wanted to ruin it with stamping.

 Images from Moyou London Animal 12

I think I went a bit too glittery with Essie’s Apres-chic, IF that is possible. The theme in my head was “celestial animals”. Moyou London just released these animal plate series, I instantly grapped this one: I’m a sucker for Slavic influence. They remind me of the Russian fairytales I read as a child..


I need a plainer silver stamping polish, though. That glitter gets everywhere!


Independence Day Nails

It’s  the 99th Independence Day here in Finland, so I thought I’d do some thematic nails. Our flag colours are blue and white, and it’s winter, so that makes it… snowflakes? Yes. I added some flakes in silver too, to spice it up:


I used: Essence I ❤ my blue jeans (the best dark blue there is), Moyou London White knight, Essie Apres-chic, with images from QA58. The stamping was super easy and images are so crisp!